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Mixed Tire Choices in ECKC Briggs Masters Final

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

Mixed Tire Choices in ECKC Briggs Masters Final

A very light drizzle in the air interrupted but didn’t slow down the race prior to the Briggs & Stratton Masters Final at the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship round two at ICAR. With the current class taking on the conditions in stride, half of the Masters opted to stay on slick tires while the other half gambled with rain tires.

Before leaving the grid, slick tires looked to be the better option. By the time the karts hit the track, those on slicks realized that was not the case.

On rain tires, Scott Jefferies (Kosmic) and Pierre Gilbert (Kosmic) pulled away immediately with Eli Yanko (TonyKart) close by.

Championship leader, and double-winner at Goodwood, Marc Stehle (Ricciardo Kart) chose slicks and struggled mightily just to get around the circuit, eventually getting lapped and crossing the finish line in ninth.

Back to to the leaders, Gilbert waited until lap ten to work his way by his teammate for the lead. From there he managed to keep Jefferies at bay and scored the win. Mario Martin (TonyKart) took advantage of a struggling Yanko to grab the third position with Yanko finishing fourth and Corey Walsh fifth, the last of the drivers on rain tires. David Anderson (Awesome Kart) was sixth on slicks.

Final 2 was cancelled after the rains increased and made racing impossible on the ICAR Circuit.

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