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Miller Showcases in the Briggs Senior Rain; Prior Scores Another


Miller Showcases in the Briggs Senior Rain; Prior Scores Another

Seven drivers and only 0.076 seconds. That is what separated the leaders in Saturday’s Qualifying session at the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Mosport Karting Centre.

We are currently witnessing some of the closest Briggs 206 competitions ever and it is so exciting to see first hand.

Saturday started off with the PRO trio of Lily Flintoff (CL Kart), Logan Ploder (CL Kart) and Avery Miller (CL Kart) leading the way in Qualifying, only marginally quicker than REM duo Adam Ali (Kosmic) and Ari Korkodilos (Kosmic), and Prime pair Jordan Prior (BirelART) and Jon Treadwell (BirelART).

After an exciting Prefinal that saw Korkodilos take the checkered flag first, the rain came pouring down in the mid-afternoon at Mosport and the remaining four Finals had to tackle wet conditions for their races.

Closing out the day, Briggs Senior rolled onto a very wet track, but with the sun shining brightly.

Korkodilos and Treadwell got away cleanly at the start while karts behind scattered looking for grip and a clear path. Wasting no time, Treadwell went into the lead on lap two, but he was quickly under pressure from Miller, who was charging fast after starting down in eighth.

Miller pounced at the first opportunity he had for the lead on lap three. Treadwell fell to third a lap later when Ali got by him as the drivers were really challenged with the conditions.

The front two were hooked up and really opened up an advantage over the rest. Ali kept the pressure on, but after twelve laps, Miller made no mistakes, getting the finish line 0.099 seconds ahead after a drag race to the finish line. Flintoff drove well and took third from Prior on the final lap to get her first MRFKC podium in Senior Briggs, with Ploder coming home fifth.

MRFKC2 Briggs Senior Saturday Final Results

1Avery Miller
2Adam Ali0.099
3Lily Flintoff7.806
4Jordan Prior8.051
5Logan Ploder10.753
6Maddox Heacock11.850
7Steven Navratil12.472
8Ari Korkodilos13.398
9Jon Treadwell13.567
10Mackenzie Milwain15.150
11David Barnes17.108
12Tom Fredericks18.762
13Alex Drummond23.005
14Brennan Taylor23.773
15Daniel Ali24.346
16Anthony Quezada26.550
17Khloe Drummond27.938
18Benjamin Leinweber28.733
19Logan Ferguson30.489
20Peter Ladas32.073
21Alex Murphy32.364
22Ayden Almeida35.365
23Mackenzie Matthews46.000
24Matthew White46.086
25Parker Gill1:05.017
26Michael Lovisa2 laps
27Tyler FreierDNS
28Kaitlyn FreierDNS

Sunday’s Final was a little different. The humidity returned to Mosport, but the day remained dry.

The Prime trio of Prior, Treadwell and David Barnes (BirelART) linked up together after starting in the first three positions and quickly began to gap themselves from the racers behind. Prior led Barnes early, but as the laps ticked away, Treadwell fell back with a noticeable issue.

After pushing for the entire race, Barnes went to the lead with three laps to go with a pass up the hill. With a huge lead, the teammates traded the top spot a number of times over the final two laps including a side-by-side run up the corner two hill. Prior regained the advantage from that and defended the inside line all the way around the second sector and into the final complex. Barnes was left with only one move and that was the outside line. He tried his best, but Prior didn’t lift through the penultimate corner and had the preferred line for the final corner and the drive to the finish line.

Taking his third MRFKC win of the season Prior is in control of the championship at the halfway point of the season.

In the race for third, there were many contenders hoping for a podium spot. Adam Ali and Flintoff came together in the bowl, ending Ali’s race on the spot and Flintoff’s a lap later with her rear bumper dislodged. Steven Navratil (Awesome Kart) almost had the spot as well, but he fell down the order on the final lap. Maddox Heacock (Awesome Kart) quietly worked through the pack to score the final step of the podium ahead of Alex Murphy (BirelART) and Ploder.

We can’t wait for this class at Nationals!

“It feels really rewarding, we put a lot of work in the last couple of months. The engine and chassis feel really good this year and that is all thanks to Trevor, Darryl, Curtis, Ken and my dad. Having a good group of people working on the race package makes it rewarding when we win races. Hopefully, we can have some good luck in the next 2 rounds coming up.”

Jordan Prior

MRFKC2 Briggs Senior Sunday Final Results

1Jordan Prior
2David Barnes0.109
3Maddox Heacock2.829
4Alex Murphy4.340
5Logan Ploder4.415
6Avery Miller7.353
7Brennan Taylor7.755
8Jon Treadwell8.137
9Alec Drummond8.794
10Daniel Ali10.476
11Khloe Drummond11.880
12Anthony Quezada12.199
13Tom Fredericks17.024
14Mackenzie Milwain19.439
15Steven Navratil21.981
16Tyler Freier25.956
17Parker Gill26.174
18Michael Lovisa26.430
19Benjamin Leinweber37.102
20Kaitlyn Freier37.461
21Matthew White37.896
22Logan Ferguson46.248
23Ari Korkodilos1 lap
24Mackenzie Matthews5 laps
25Ayden Almeida10 laps
26Peter Ladas12 laps
27Lily Flintoff13 laps
28Adam Ali13 laps

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