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Micro MAX and Mini MAX in Support at The Rotax Grand Finals!

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Micro MAX and Mini MAX in Support at The Rotax Grand Finals!

The MAXSpeed Group is very pleased to officially announce the presence of the Micro MAX and Mini MAX categories at the 2013 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF).

The US Rotax MAX Challenge Director, Josh Smith, had this to say about the announcement, “With the Grand Finals coming to the United States in 2013, this was our opportunity to bring the entire Rotax family together. In doing this, we are creating an environment for the youngest drivers in the North American Rotax community to experience firsthand an event that is truly unique in the world. In addition, this is great for spectators too because the Micro and Mini MAX races are always fun to watch.”

Josh also shared some additional thoughts, “With the presence of these two additional categories, NOLA Motorsposrts Park will host 356 drivers for the Grand Finals. This will be the highest level of participation in the history of this event! I want to sincerely thank BRP-Powertrain for their confidence and support in the exceptional development of the Rotax series in the United States. We are already very eager and excited to welcome the world’s best karting drivers to Louisiana in a few months”.

From Patrick Moreau, director of the Canadian RMC, “At the national level, the Rotax MAX Challenge has been a complete program for many years. Having the Micro MAX and Mini MAX classes at the Grand Finals is be the best way to show the whole program to the karting community in one fantastic setting. This event will also be a perfect wrap of our 2013 racing season.”

Patrick also sees the NOLA Invitational as a positive step towards the future for the North American Rotax programs, “With the Grand Finals in North America, our young drivers will experience an opportunity of a lifetime. They will have the chance to see and meet the world’s best drivers and this will surely give them the passion to climb the Rotax ladder and become world champion. No one has ever won the triple crown at the Grand Finals (Max Junior, Max Senior and DD2 titles), and, I dream to see it happen for a North American driver, and show the world how good our drivers are”.

For this unique event, only 34 Micro and 34 Mini Max drivers will be invited to compete. Due to international regulation, these classes will only be open to WKA and Canadian licensed drivers.

As this just has been confirmed, details for qualification will be announced before March 1st.

Reminder: the event will be held in November at the karting facility at the NOLA Motorsports Park, just outside New Orleans.

In the weeks to come, The MAXSpeed Group will be releasing more information on the Micro and Mini Grand Final event.

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