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Menezes Gets the Win in KartStars Junior at Sutton


Menezes Gets the Win in KartStars Junior at Sutton

There was chaos on the final lap of the KartStars Junior Final on Sunday at 3-S Go-Karts and it involved the top-three karts, with Christian Menezes (Kosmic) taking the victory.

All race long it was a three-kart race upfront. Saturday winner in Briggs Junior Lite Gavin Goldie (Exprit), broke free with Nicholas Gilkes (BirelART) and Menezes. The lead traded between Goldie and Gilkes many times while Menezes watched in third, waiting for his opportunity.

It all came down to the final lap and in the blink of an eye, the entire race changed.

With Gilkes in the lead, Goldie tried to pull alongside him down the straight as the trio received the white flag. Gilkes pulled down to block and that forced Goldie to check up a little bit. Getting a great run off the final corner, Menezes ran into the back of Goldie as he checked up and that sent Goldie over the rear corner of the race leader. Goldie did two full 360’s on top of Gilkes before landing in the correct direction. Menezes dove up up the inside to avoid the spinning kart while Gilkes was along for the ride.

Menezes then navigated his way around the circuit for the final time and drove home his first win in KartStars competition. Braedon Fowler (Intrepid) worked his way around both Goldie and Gilkes to take second place. The pair were both able to continue and finished third and fourth at the finish line, just ahead of Ethan Pollack (Intrepid).

It wasn’t all bad for Goldie on Sunday as he still scored enough points to stay ahead of Gilkes in the Championship and earn his second KartStars Canada title of the season.

Race Result: KartStars R4 KartStars Junior Final

  1. Christian Menezes
  2. Braeden Fowler +1.178
  3. Nicholas Gilkes +1.573
  4. Gavin Goldie +2.673
  5. Ethan Pollack +3.978
  6. Micheal Ing
  7. Michael Schwab
  8. Tyler Desrosiers
  9. Elijah Joshi
  10. Max Raymer
  11. Christian Savaglio
  12. Anthony Boscia
  13. Ivana Tchiplakova
  14. Peter Bugan
  15. Luka Jakimovski

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