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Mazzaferro and Lupien Pace Rotax Junior on Friday

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Mazzaferro and Lupien Pace Rotax Junior on Friday

Following an excellent day of SuperPole Qualifying, the action resumed on Friday in Mont-Tremblant with the first two rounds of heat races for all classes participating in the 2014 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships in Quebec.

With karts going wheel to wheel for the first time this week, it was an excitement filled day of action with an excellent preview of what is to come throughout the rest of the weekend.

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Rotax Junior

Heat 1
The Rotax Junior competitors have really brought their “A” games this weekend as unlike most races this year, there are a handful of drivers all displaying the speed and talent to fight for the win.

Heat one saw Gianfranco Mazzaferro (Ferrolati Corse/TonyKart) jump out to an early lead while a drag race for second into corner four on lap helped extend that lead with karts entering and exiting two and three wide. Samuel Lupien (SH Racing/FA Kart) was able to initially hold the second position followed Alex Lacroix (SH Racing/FA Kart), who fell as far back as fifth after starting second, and Clay Van Eerd (CVE/TonyKart).

Lacroix and Van Eerd didn’t take long to overtake the younger Lupien, but Mazzaferro had checked out and the front three completed the heat in that order. Samuel barely held on for fourth while his brother Cedrik (SH Racing/FA Kart) recovered from a tough start to finish fifth.

Heat 2
Mazzaferro was once again able to grab the holeshot at the start of heat two courtesy of a nice push from Van Eerd, but this time he wasn’t able to break away. Contact between Samuel Lupien and Natael Cantin (KMS/Birel) sent the two off wide in corner four while Cedrik Lupien worked by Van Eerd down the back straight on lap two.

From there Cedrik reeled in the leader Mazzaferro and immediately went to the lead with another pass on the back straight. Lacroix also got by Van Eerd down the back straight as the draft creates a massive passing opportunity.

Cedrik Lupien held off Mazzaferro from there to earn the heat win. Lacroix crossed in third and Joe Soranno (Energy Kart Canada/Energy) snuck by Van Eerd in the late stages for fourth. Cantin recovered to finish eighth and Samuel Lupien was up to ninth until a broken chain ended his heat with one lap left.

Full Results and points standing** can be found on our competitions page.

**Our points standings do not factor in the qualifying points.

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