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Maxwell Goes from Last to First in Briggs Cadet National Final

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Maxwell Goes from Last to First in Briggs Cadet National Final

Being where most of their drivers get their start in karting, Briggs Cadet hosts the talent of tomorrow and it was Ryan Maxwell (Energy Corse/Energy Kart) showcasing his talent and securing the Canadian Championship after a phenomenal drive from last on the starting grid.

Jordan Di Leo (Goodwood/Intrepid) got off to an excellent start and found himself in first for the majority of the race. He was trailed by Ashton Henkel (Prime/BirelART) and Major Makovskis (PRO/Intrepid) and the drivers were battling hard.

Midway there was a red flag for a crash in corner two, the only red flag of the day, which brought racing to a stop. The driver would be okay. Racing resumed with nine laps to go with all drivers nose to tail for the start.

After a clean restart, it was once again Di Leo on top followed by Henkel, Maxwell, Makovskis and Lucas Deslongchamps (BCR/BirelART). The drivers battled deep into the race swapping positions and gaining positions where they could.

Di Leo was consistently putting down the quickest lap times of the session as he held the lead but disaster struck when Di Leo and Henckel came together and spun in the final sector, falling back to eighth and fifth. Maxwell then found himself in first position as the race began to come to a close.

With five laps to go, it was Maxwell was followed by Makovskis, Deslongchamps and Henkel. With some close racing drivers began to swap places as the action headed up. Henkel was on a charge and worked himself back into the second position with two laps to go. With the final lap stage being set the drivers made their final push.

Crossing the line first was Maxwell followed by Henckel, Makovskis, Di Leo, Deslongchamps. Unfortunately for Makovskis, his pushback bumper was activated, knocking him down three spots in the final standings and elevation Di Leo onto the National podium.

Briggs Cadet Final Results:

  1. Ryan Maxwell
  2. Ashton Henckel
  3. Jordan Di Leo
  4. Lucas Deslongchamps
  5. Joey Lecce
  6. Major Makovskis
  7. Christian Papp
  8. Ilie Crisan
  9. Ethan Lowther
  10. Jensen Burnett
  11. Wesley Donkers
  12. Rocco Simone
  13. Jordan Smith
  14. Jacob Smith
  15. Santiago Ramirez
  16. Caleb Campbell
  17. Jackson Pearsall
  18. George Deadman

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