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MAXSpeed Group Announces Online Registration for Rotax Pan-American Challenge

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MAXSpeed Group Announces Online Registration for Rotax Pan-American Challenge

The MAXSpeed Group would like to announce to all Rotax members that online registration for this year’s Rotax Pan-American Challenge at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans is now up and running. The registration process is similar to the one used for the Grand Nationals. However, since this is an open internationals race, registrants will not have to regard certain items like punches, etc. As with the Grand Nationals registration, this who pre-register by September 30th at 11:50 PM will receive $100 off their registration fee.

Remember, the Rotax Pan-American is the last chance for anyone to receive an invitation to this year’s highly anticipated Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals or the Micro & Mini Invitational. In addition, for those already qualified, this is the best chance to test on the NOLA circuit using the same layout that will be used at the Grand finals and on track rubber conditions that will be very similar to the event in November.

Along with online registration, MAXSpeed has provided event information on the GoRotax website. Within the Pan-Am section you will find a tentative Pan-American Challenge schedule, the event structure and general information about the event. Just go to for all the details.

In addition to the latest information about the Pan-American at NOLA, MAXSpeed has also released the latest news from BRP-Rotax regarding the new chassis regulations for Mini MAX starting in 2015. Although long rumored as to what the new regulations would be, they have now been finalized and published so our members will be ready to prepare for the 2015 season. You can find the announcement at:

As always, stay informed on all aspects of the US Rotax MAX Challenge by logging onto or visiting our Facebook page at

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