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Matthew Latifi Decides to Return to Normal Life

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Matthew Latifi Decides to Return to Normal Life

Thirteen year old kart racer Matthew Latifi and his family announced today that he has decided to shift his focus back to his studies, family, friends along with participating in many other fun-filled sporting activities which he has been unable to do as a result of his rigorous racing schedule.

“I have really enjoyed the past few years racing around the world, but I have missed out on so much while doing so,” said Matthew. “After much consideration and discussions with my family, I really want to focus on fully living and experiencing my teenage life. I will not be able to go back in time!”

“I am so proud of Matthew’s accomplishments,” explained Steven Chapman, Matthew’s racing coach. “The demands of the racing circuit are very stringent and I know how much he has sacrificed to get to where he is today. It has been a privilege to coach Matthew and I fully support his decision to return to a more normal life.”

Matthew and his family wish to take the opportunity to thank everyone who have supported and contributed to his racing career. “The learning, experience and opportunities I had, I owe them to all those who supported me,” added Matthew.

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