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Maritime Region Crowns 2013 Champions at East Coast Karting

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Maritime Region Crowns 2013 Champions at East Coast Karting

By: Nathan Kelly/Advanced Dynamic Motorsports; Special to CKN

It was a damp couple days to kick off the regional race for the Maritime Championship at East Coast Karting. Gerald Caseley Sr and Read Kennedy put on a fantastic event which attracted drivers from all over the Maritimes. This three-day event was held at East Coast Karting located in Dieppe, NB. With over 25 drivers showing up with hopes of winning the championship in their respective classes, East Coast Karting played host to a fantastic three-day event. Spectators lined the fences and stands for the feature event which saw the crowning of the Briggs and Stratton Maritime Champions.

Friday was a wet day – heavy rainfall and cold temperatures proved to create a challenge for teams as they tested in full wet conditions. It was a taste of fall maritime weather at the end of summer. Drivers battled each practice session, and there was a very serious atmosphere throughout the day. Saturday played host to qualification and a heat race, which took place under the lights at night. Similar to the Canadian Nationals, the Maritime race used a point system to dictate starting positions in the pre-final. The weather cleared for the races at night, and drivers were able to race under full dry conditions. Championship Sunday was a day filled with high intensity, drivers battled in yet another heat race before getting their position in the pre-final.

The finals had some fantastic racing, driver Fraser Murray had a stellar weekend securing pole position in qualification and winning all of his heats. Murray was crowned the Maritime Champion in the Briggs Novice category and is definitely a young driver that is full of potential. Devin Wadden and Mordan Harnish enjoyed a great battle for second, with Wadden taking the position at the line.

Briggs Junior saw Moncton native Justin Beers sweeping his class in both qualification and heat races. Beers showed a strong pace all weekend and was consistently quick each session on track. Cameron Nickerson brought himself home in second with Stephen Oliver third.

Briggs Senior was highly competitive and any driver had the potential to win on Sunday. Aaron Kennedy, also from Moncton, was able to squeeze out the victory in Sundays final, with the top-three drivers all crossing within one-second. Kennedy was strong all weekend and has always been a serious competitor at East Coast Karting. Coming a close second was Jarred Meed while Shaymus Veinotte completed the podium in third.

All of the drivers at the championship drove with a high level of class and respect throughout the weekend; the races were clean and intense. The weekend turned out to be very successful and there is hope of crowning a new maritime champion next season.

Race Results:

Briggs & Stratton Junior Final:

1. Justin Beers
2. Cameron Nickerson
3. Stephen Oliver
4. Graci Young
5. Brady Dow

Briggs & Stratton Novice Final:

1. Fraser Murray
2. Devin Wadden
3. Morgan Harnish
4. Eric Rose
5. Evan Rose
6. Kelsey Hann
7. Ben Israel
8. Isla Kants
9. Isaac Teed

Briggs & Stratton Senior Final:

1. Aaron Kennedy
2. Jared Meade
3. Shaymus Veinotte
4. Robert Conrad
5. David Israel
6. Jarrett Leach
7. Jordan Kennedy

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