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Manufacturer Battle Heats Up at CRFKC Goodwood

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Manufacturer Battle Heats Up at CRFKC Goodwood

We’re going to keep an eye on the number of race wins this year when it comes to the chassis manufacturers throughout our CKN Summer Tour. There are a number of quality products on the market and through the opening round of the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge at Goodwood Kartways, there was a great balance on the top of the podium.

There were a total of seven different manufacturer wins on Sunday spread over the ten different class options. BirelART, Awesome Kart, and Kosmic Kart lead the way with two wins each, while Ricciardo, Energy Kart, TonyKart and Intrepid each scored one. Impressively, Awesome Kart had two wins, in Briggs Junior and Junior Lite respectively, while having a very small contingent of karts in the paddock, so kudos to the Karts & Parts race team and their affiliates.

But after two races, BirelART and Ricciardo Kart lead the way after they jumped out to an early lead at the Coupe de Montreal races at SH Karting.

For fun, we will be updating this table as the season progresses. Next up, we are back to Goodwood Kartways for the new Pfaff Kartsport Cup before heading west for the Western Canadian Karting Championship in Alberta!

2018 CKN Summer Tour Chassis Challenge Rankings

(CKN Summer Tour Events Only)

Manufacturer Coupe de Montreal – SH CRFKC – Goodwood Total Victories
BirelART 4 2 6
Ricciardo 3 1 4
TonyKart 2 1 3
Awesome Kart 0 2 2
Kosmic Kart 0 2 2
Energy Kart 0 1 1
Intrepid 0 1 1

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