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Lombardy Karting Association to Close Out Season with Enduro on October 5

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Lombardy Karting Association to Close Out Season with Enduro on October 5

lombardy-karting-associationThis weekend, the Lombardy Karting Association will hit the track for one last time in 2014. After a very successful club championship, racers will return to the Lombardy Fairgrounds for one last event.

Capping the season off with a driver vs. driver endurance challenge, the day is all about having fun, introducing new faces to the sport and pushing yourself to your driving limits.

The club welcomes the National Capital Kart Club to the event, but is open to all racers and there is an open tire option, so whether you race on MG, Vega of anything else, you are welcome.

Six four-cycle classes will compete on October 5, with the Senior Pro divisions highlighting the days action with a massive 120 minute ironman. All classes are listed below. Drivers will be forced to make pit-stops, and multiple-driver teams are allowed for those who don’t think they can manage the entire race.

Registration opens at 8:00AM and racing will begin early in the morning to ensure all races are completed in due time.

Class Structure:

Novice – 45 Minute Race, one mandatory pitstop. $45.00/team.

Junior Pro – 90 Minute Race, two mandatory pitstops. Class open to all Junior racers. $80.00/team.

Spec Racer – 45 Minute Race, one mandatory pitstop. $45.00/team

Senior Pro – 120 Minute Race, two mandatory pitstops. Open to all competitors over the age of 15. $100.00/team

The club is also organizing two amateur racers for those who have friends interested in the sport. Kart owners are welcome to introduce their friends by allowing them to race in a controlled racing environment, but must ensure the new drivers know the rules and operating procedures. The kart owner must be a part of the competing team.

Junior Amateur – 45 Minute Race. $45.00/team

Senior Amateur – 45 Minute Race. $45.oo/team

For more information, please contact Gord Costello of the Lombardy Karting Association at

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