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#LetsGoKarting with the CKN Nation!

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#LetsGoKarting with the CKN Nation!

With the 2017 season coming to a close in a couple weeks, most people’s focus will be shifting to the 2018 season. At this time you are probably thinking what is going to be going on on the National stage. What most people don’t think about is how to get more people into the sport of karting and the different avenues they can take in order to start racing. For example, one can go to their local track and take part in an arrive and drive championship. If an arrive and drive league isn’t available then they can always buy a used kart and start racing at the club level.

In my opinion, there are people we all know who might be a speed demon inside, but they might not know how to get started in the sport or the initial costs start kart racing.  As members of the karting community, I feel like sharing our experiences in the sport can get people we know on the outside interested in racing go karts.

So, I propose a challenge to the CKN Nation. Share this post on your Facebook timeline, Twitter pages or Instagram (bonus points for a rookie year photo) and write a quick summary about what karting means to you, where your local track is (the track closest to you geographically), how you can start racing at local track and if they need to buy a kart how much a used 4-cycle karting package would range from. If you have friends who are not located near you, also mention clicking the article to get a link to the CKN Directory so they can find out where their local track would be.

Finally, when finishing the post be sure to end it with the hashtag #LetsGoKarting.

For an example of what a post might look like here is mine:

“I started karting when I was an eight year old at Goodwood Kartways in Stouffville, Ontario. Through my years in karting, I have been able to make a lot of life long friends and the sport has shaped me into the man I am today. The competitive nature along with the tight knit family atmosphere separates it from most sports and it’s a great way to spend the weekend with the family.

The track that’s closest to Mississauga, Ontario is Flamboro Speedway which is home to the Waterloo Regional Kart Club and the track closest to Oshawa, Ontario is Mosport Kartways which is home to the Mosport International Karting Association. For those of you who don’t live in these areas be sure to click the link and visit the CKN Directory to see where your local track is located. #LetsGoKarting”

“I will buy a brand new set of tires for one random person who shares the post on their timeline with a description like the one above.”

Now for those of you who aren’t quite sold on the idea to sweeten the deal, if this post gets more than 100 shares by September 20, 2017 from the CKN FB page,  I will buy a brand new set of tires for one random person who shares the post on their timeline with a description like the one above. All you need to do is tag me in the post and you will be entered.

From PEI to BC and everywhere in between let’s work together to help grow the Canadian karting community. If you are an international follower you feel free to share the post as well just don’t expect to be entered in the contest because it’s only for Canadian Karters only.

In closing, I would like the CKN Nation to come together on this one in an effort to help grow the sport because as we all know, teamwork makes the dream work.

-Neelan Nadesan

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