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Landen White Keeps the Briggs Jr Lite Canadian Title in Eastern Canada!

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Landen White Keeps the Briggs Jr Lite Canadian Title in Eastern Canada!

For the second year in a row, a driver from Nova Scotia has won the Briggs Junior Lite Canadian title.

East Coast driver Landen White scored a huge victory in the Briggs Junior Lite National Final, as he was able to make a late pass and secure the win.

After a clean start saw the group space out, Cooper Simpson (BirelArt) and Landon White (GCR/Ricciardo) pulled a significant gap on the field. Both drivers pushed hard, working together and doing all they could to keep a distance on Ayden Ingratta (AI/Ricciardo), as the young gun started from the rear of the grid and climbed up the order quickly.

It was shaping up to be a great race right to the end. Drivers were seen swapping places all over the circuit and even as the leaders were working together, Ingratta was closing in as the laps wound down.

On the final lap, White made an incredible pass into turn five, overtaking on the exit of the corner with a great run of momentum after Simpson drove a little too deep into the tight corner. From there, he was able to hold on and win the Canadian Championship with a skillful drive.

Simpson ended up in second followed closely by Ayden Ingratta (Ricciardo), who caught the leaders on the final lap. After a great battle for fourth, it was Matthew Fecko (VLR) and Hunter Twyman (Awesome Kart) rounding out the top-five.

Briggs Junior Lite Final Results

  1. Landen White
  2. Cooper Simpson
  3. Ayden Ingratta
  4. Matthew Fecko
  5. Hunter Twyman
  6. Peter Zito
  7. Noah Taylor
  8. Isaak Nura Godana
  9. Scotty Watkins
  10. Caden Drummond
  11. Kolbey Twa
  12. Michael Bower
  13. Elias Mackenzie

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