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Lafontaine and Glaze On top In Final Two Briggs & Stratton Senior Heats

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Lafontaine and Glaze On top In Final Two Briggs & Stratton Senior Heats

Saturday concluded the heat racing portion of the 2014 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships as all classes returned to the track for their third and final heat race, with points tallied to set the grids for Sunday’s National Championship Finals.

It was a relaxed day at the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant held under sunny skies as the anticipation built for Sunday.

The day was completed by the Team Cup rental kart race where each team nominated two “non-drivers” to compete in a 10-lap dash. With the crowd on their feet, Team KMS came away with the victory over Team Energy Kart Canada and Team PSL Karting. It was a great way to cap off the day.

Briggs & Stratton Senior

Heat A vs D
JF Lafontaine (KMS/Birel) once again had a good push from Steven Szigeti (SH Racing/FA Kart) to lead early in the A vs D heat. Immediately it would become a five-kart breakaway at the front including Maxime Couturier (SC Performance/TonyKart), Jonathon Treadwell (VRS/K&K Kart), and Darryl Timmers (PRO/Intrepid).

After halfway Lafontaine and Szigeti began to gap the three drivers behind. Treadwell continued to attempt to pass Couturier for third down the back straight but after a few missed oppurtunities he would eventually lose fourth to Timmers. Once Timmers got by Couturier they left Treadwell behind. Back at the front Szigeti was passed Lafontaine on the back straight but Lafontaine had a good run out of the corner and was able to take the lead back for the win. Timmers finished third ahead of Couturier and Treadwell.

Heat B vs C
The final heat for Briggs Senior saw Simon Belanger (SH Racing/FA Kart) and Curtis Fox (Prime/Maranello) just out front early, while the field behind mixed things up. Michael Glaze (DMR/FA Kart) and Amelie Lafontaine (KMS/Birel) eventually hooked up in third and fourth and looked to track down the leaders.

Just as Glaze caught the lead two, he made a mistake in turn ten and lost all the space he gained, but he would make it up in the next two laps to take another shot at the leaders.

Shuffling through the final two laps, Glaze made the move not only for second but for first as well and he went on to take the win. Fox managed to move into second and bring Lafontaine with him, demoting Belanger to fourth. Alex Healy (DMR/FA Kart) wound up fifth.

With the points calculated, JF Lafontaine will start on the Pole for Sunday’s National Final with Belanger second, Glaze third, Szigeti fourth and Couturier fifth.

Unofficial Heat Race Results

Unofficial Final Starting Grid:

1. JeanFrancois Lafontaine 2. Simon Belanger
3. Michael Glaze 4. Steven Szigeti
5. Maxime Couturier 6. Alex Healy
7. Darryl Timmers 8. Charlotte Lalonde
9. Pearce Herder 10. Amelie Lafontaine
11. Hugo Mousseau 12. Derek Michaud
13. Lance Stroll 14. Kyle Edgar
15. Curtis Fox 16. Jonathon Treadwell
17. Tommy Lemaire Ouellet 18. Aaron Kennedy
19. Gerald Caseley 20. Richard Schumacher
21. Michael Adams 22. Melissa Glaze
23. John Buzza 24. Abigail Bolton

Unofficial Last Chance Qualifier Starting Grid:

25. Marc Stehle 26. Mathieu Demers
27. Chad Campbell 28. Tristan Merke
29. David Miller 30. Zach Boam
31. Thomas Marshall 32. Brett Miller
33. Tyler Devlin 34. Ryan Brutzki
35. Isaac Maritt 36. Robert Conrad
37. Aaron Demond 38. Catherine White

**Top Six drivers from LCQ advance to the Final

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