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KSGP: Venezuela’s Enrico Friso on Pole in Rotax Masters

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KSGP: Venezuela’s Enrico Friso on Pole in Rotax Masters

Seventeen drivers have entered the Rotax Max Masters category for this weekends Kart Stars Grand Prix. Topping the charts in qualifying was Venezuela’s Enrico Friso (Intrepid) posting a lap time of 15.471 seconds. Jayson Nazario placed his Energy Kart second while John Cariati (Intrepid), Jamie Macarthur (Storm) and Tom Gandey (Intrepid) completed the top-five. This class should provide quite the final tomorrow as drivers are lined up to complete 50-laps.

1. Enrico Frisco Intrepid 15.471
2. Jayson Nazario Energy +0.116
3. John Cariati Intrepid +0.320
4. Jamie Macathur Storn +0.336
5; Tom Gandey Intrepid +0.433
6. David Nevin Birel +0.463
7. Derick Boyle Intrepid +0.579
8. Andy Mackenzie Intrepid +0.612
9. Danny Pinska Intrepid +0.634
10. Ashique Bhaloo Intrepid +0.685
11. Alexander Mankovski Intrepid +0.751
12. Alan Saunders Birel +0.757
13. Mike Rainville Intrepid +0.767
14. David Shutiak Intrepid +0.793
15. John Keane Intrepid +2.521
16. Paulo Gomes Intrepid DNQ
17. Elvis Stojko Intrepid DNQ

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