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KSGP: Milwain completes weekend sweep in Rotax Senior

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KSGP: Milwain completes weekend sweep in Rotax Senior

Completing a perfect run in Rotax Senior, Austin Milwain (Milwain Motorsports/TonyKart) led from green to checker as the inaugural Kart Stars Grand Prix of Toronto wrapped up at Exhibition Place. Milwain completed 50 laps of the circuit in just over thirteen minutes in winning by nearly ten seconds. Max Preston (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) had worked his way to second early on but retired after he blew his head gasket. Off-pole man Bryson Schutte (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) then inherited second spot back and stood in the middle of the podium. Arika White (SH Ontario/TonyKart) was headed to the podium before tripping over a back marker on lap 40, and that allowed Reid Arnold (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) to join his teammate on the stage. Alejandro Liverant (Praga North America/Praga), in fourth, was the final kart on the lead lap, and Kevin Birchall was fifth.

Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

Race Results

1. Austin Milwain Tonykart 13:13.671
2. Bryson Schutte Intrepid +9.488
3. Reid Arnold Intrepid +10.323
4. Alejandro Liverant Praga +15.034
5. Kevin Birchall Storm +1 lap
6. Jonathan Urlin Praga +1 lap
7. Michael Mungy Intrepid +1 lap
8. Massimo Presta Birel +1 lap
9. Stefan Semeraro GP +2 laps
10. Daniel Fusco Intrepid +2 laps
11. Lauren Fortune Intrepid +2 laps
12. Daniel Nunes Intrepid +3 laps
13. Z.F. Karvas Praga +4 laps
14. Arika White Tonykart +11 laps
15. Max Preston Intrepid +24 laps
16. David Tallas Storm +46 laps

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