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KSGP: Matthew Peralto claims Rotax Junior pole

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KSGP: Matthew Peralto claims Rotax Junior pole

The first full group to hit the track on slick tires was Rotax Junior. Putting down the fastest lap of the morning groups, Matthew Peralto (REM/Birel) nipped Kyle Doma (Intrepid) by a mere 0.030 seconds for the pole-position. Marco Signoretti (Intrepid) was able to find some clean space to post a time worthy of third place, while Tyler Rushton (Intrepid) and Taegen Poles (SH Ontario/TonyKart) completed the top-five.

1. Matthew Peralto Birel 15.378
2. Kyle Doma Intrepid +0.030
3. Marco Signoretti Intrepid +0.151
4. Tyler Rushton Intrepid +0.249
5. Taegan Poles Tonykart +0.277
6. Jordan Slipacoff Intrepid +0.296
7. Gerrit Tiemersma Intrepid +0.351
8. Cameron Morrison Tonykart +0.368
9. Santino Ferrucci Energy +0.391
10. Adam Martin Maranello +0.418
11. Dylan Brady GP +0.438
12. Calvin Bock Storm +0.445
13. Russell Boyle Intrepid +0.512
14. Tyler Brady GP +0.686
15. Kevin Gothard CRG +1.009
16. Dylan Doma Intrepid +1.034

Jul 7, 2012 | KSGP: Rotax Jr. Qualification Top-5 by wp_3639pe_live on

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