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KSGP: John Cariati Wins an eventful Rotax Masters Final

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KSGP: John Cariati Wins an eventful Rotax Masters Final

John Cariati (Intrepid North America/ Intrepid) took the Rotax Masters win over David Nevin (REM/Birel) and Ashique Bhaloo (Praga) in a very eventful Final at the Kart Stars Grand Prix in Toronto. With early trouble for Venezuela’s Enrico Frisco ( Intrepid North America/ Intrepid) and Florida’s Jayson Nazario (Energy Canada/ Energy)  John Cariati was able to stay patient around lap traffic to cruise to the Rotax Masters Victory.

Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

Race Results

1. John Cariati Intrepid 11:01.530
2. David Nevin Birel +16.060
3. Ashique Bhaloo Praga +17.202
4. Elvis Stojko Intrepid +1 lap
5. Danny Pinska Intrepid +1 Lap
6. Andy Mackenzie Intrepid +1 lap
7. Alan Saunders Birel +1 lap
8. Jaime Macarthur Storm +2 laps
9. Alexander Mankovski Intrepid +3 laps
10. Derick Boyle Intrepid +3 laps
11. Paulo Gomes Intrepid +3 laps
12. David Shutiak Intrepid +5 laps
13. John Keane Intrepid +7 laps
14. Mike Rainville Intrepid +9 laps
15. Enrico Friso Intrepid +17 laps
16. Tom Gandey Intrepid +17 laps
17. Jayson Nazario Energy +1 lap

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