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KSGP: Alessandro Famularo prevails in Rotax Micro-Max

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KSGP: Alessandro Famularo prevails in Rotax Micro-Max

Matthew Barry (Intrepid North America/ Intrepid) was the early leader in Micro, but with 5 laps in to the race he made contact with lap traffic and was forced out of the race with a broken chain. This gave the lead to Alessandro Famularo (Intrepid North America/ Intrepid) who was able to keep the lead for the rest of the race. The battle for third was tight however with lap traffic making it hard for Anthony Famularo (Intrepid North America/ Intrepid) and Maximilian Horbik (Intrepid North America/ Praga)  to catch the leader until the closing stages of the race. Anthony tried to make a move on his twin brother with two laps remaining but was unable to make it stick. In the end it was Alessandro Famularo, Anthony Famularo, and Maximilian Horbik in the top three.

Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

Race Results

1. Alessandro Famularo Intrepid 8:30.209
2. Anthony Famularo Intrepid +0.185
3. Maximilian Horbik Praga +0.913
4. Lachlan DeFrancesco Top Kart +7.653
5. Xavier Harris Intrepid +1 Lap
6. Anthony Aquilina Intrepid +1 lap
7. Gavin Saunders Intrepid +1 lap
8. Jeremy Tallon Intrepid +1 laps
9. Wake Purdy Intrepid +4 laps
10. Matthew Barry Intrepid +22 laps

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