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Korkodilos Advances 17 Spots for MRFKC Briggs Senior Saturday Victory


Korkodilos Advances 17 Spots for MRFKC Briggs Senior Saturday Victory

Defending champ Jordan Prior bounces back on Sunday to return to the top in Final 2

A great battle at the front of the Briggs Senior Saturday Final allowed a driver to swoop in and steal the win away from those who were in contention all race long.

Ari Korkodilos (Kosmic) started the first Final for the opening round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Mosport Karting Centre from eighteenth on the grid and pushed forward all race long, pouncing on every opportunity presented to him until he was in the lead coming out of the final corner with only the checkered flag in sight.

Jon Treadwell (BirelART) was the early race leader until Alex Murphy (CL Kart) went for the lead on lap three. Steven Navratil (Awesome Kart) passed Treadwell on the next lap to move into second, and Logan Ploder (CL Kart) did the same on the following lap to quickly relegate Treadwell down to fourth.

A lead pack of eight was formed and nobody was giving an inch. Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart) was the next to move into the top three as the pack crossed the halfway mark of the race.

That is when the action upfront really opened up. Navratil took his shot at the lead, but it didn’t last long as Murphy came right back for it. Logan Ploder got as high as third before he was shuffled back, while Maddox Heacock (Awesome Kart) put forth a great charge to the front. As Taylor went to the lead with four to go, Heacock helped push him there to move into second.

Heacock made his move for the lead just before the last lap board and that is where Korkodilos emerged with a shot at the win. Quietly he had worked his way onto the rear bumper of the race leader.

After holding on to the lead up the hill, back down the hill and then back up to corner six, Heacock only had one final sector to hold on. Korkodilos looked left and right before taking the long way around the final corner, using the outside momentum to his advantage to gain the lead and roll off to the finish line for the win. Heacock had to settle for second while Taylor was on the podium in third.

It was crazy close behind them as well as 0.5 seconds covered positions four through seven which was Navratil ahead of Prior, Logan Pacza and David Barnes across the line.

For his sweet effort, Korkodilos was awarded the Saturday Pfaff Motorsports Senior High Performer award.

Ari Korkodilos

Briggs Senior MRFKC Race #1 Results

1Ari Korkodilos
2Maddox Heacock0.188
3Brennan Taylor0.295
4Steven Navratil1.336
5Jordan Prior1.458
6Logan Pacza1.630
7David Barnes1.828
8Logan Ploder4.466
9Alex Murphy8.182
10Jon Treadwell10.329
11Anthony Boscia13.529
12Christian Savaglio13.589
13Micheal Ing14.270
14Matthew White14.383
15Ethan Waters19.136
16Dylan Reny20.606
17Mackenzie Matthews21.655
18Aidan Shimbashi21.848
19Parker Gill24.151
20Scotty Watkins41.883
21Jeremy Vaillancourt1 lap
22Ayden Ingratta11 laps
23Tyler Freier14 laps
24Ben Leinweber14 laps
25Kaitlyn Leinweber15 laps

The defending champion was back to the top on Sunday as Jordan Prior (BirelART) led nearly every lap of the Final to secure the win.

Logan Ploder had just enough momentum to grab the lead from Prior into corner one, but his time in the lead didn’t last long.

Prior snuck by on lap three to gain control of the race as a four-kart train formed upfront with Jon Treadwell (BirelART) and Taylor in tow.

The four were relatively calm as the laps ticked away with Treadwell moving by Ploder for second as the only pass through the middle stage of the race.

With three laps to go, Ploder came back at Treadwell for second and Taylor followed through, but it slowed the two up enough that Prior and Ploder gained an advantage as they came to the last lap board.

Prior drove the final lap like a veteran offering Ploder no real opportunities to pass and emerged from the final corner with a smooth drive to the finish line and scored his first win of the season. Taylor was able to hold off Treadwell for his second trip to the podium while Heacock was a distant fifth, having to watch the leaders battle from a distance for a majority of the race.

Jordan Prior

Briggs Senior MRFKC Race #2 Results

1Jordan Prior
2Logan Ploder0.550
3Brennan Taylor0.855
4Jon Treadwell0.944
5Maddox Heacock2.840
6David Barnes2.921
7Alex Murphy5.939
8Logan Pacza6.021
9Michael Ing12.312
10Ari Korkodilos12.356
11Dylan Reny20.118
12Steven Navratil22.598
13Ethan Waters22.717
14Christian Savaglio23.563
15Anthony Boscia24.660
16Ben Leinweber31.015
17Tyler Freier32.051
18Parker Gill32.195
19Aidan Shimbashi37.044
20Jeremy Vaillancourt4 laps
21Matthew White6 laps
22Kaitlyn Freier9 laps
23Scotty Watkins10 laps
24Mackenzie Matthew16 laps
25Ayden IngrattaDNS

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