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K&K Kart To Introduce Mini Chassis for Briggs Novice

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K&K Kart To Introduce Mini Chassis for Briggs Novice

With the recent news that ASN Canada has released a ruleset for the introduction of a Briggs & Stratton LO206 Novice category, K&K Kart has announced that they will be building a 950mm chassis specifically for the category.

K&K Kart has focused their efforts on Briggs & Stratton competition in Canada and most recently claimed the 2016 Canadian National title in LO206 Senior with Jonathon Treadwell.

We got in touch with Kevin Barrick, owner of K&K Kart North America, about the new chassis and the growth of Briggs & Stratton LO206 racing in Canada.

“K&K Kart, now in it’s 6th year of supporting the Briggs LO206 program, has watched a major revival of grass roots racing in Canada. The reason for the growth has been the level playing field the Briggs LO206 program has provided, along with the cost effectiveness for families to enter the sport. The National level fields have also proved to be the most nail biting, competitive racing imaginable, from Junior to Masters. Recent overwhelming community interest and the introduction of a “Novice Briggs” class has prompted K&K Kart to develop the 950MM Mini Cobra OTB Briggs chassis. The welcome growth continues in Canadian karting and the direction in Briggs LO206.”
– Kevin Barrick, owner of K&K Kart North America

An official release date is currently unknown but Barrick states that pre orders will be available soon.

You can also check out the new sticker kit for K&K Kart 2016 in the post below.



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