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Kennedy and Courtemanche Snag Victories on Final Lap in Briggs Senior/Master


Kennedy and Courtemanche Snag Victories on Final Lap in Briggs Senior/Master

All weekend long at the Canadian Open, the Briggs Seniors were chasing Nova Scotia’s Kelsey Hann (BirelART) in Mont-Tremblant, that is until the Final where a three-kart battle erupted between Hann, Tyler McCullough (BirelART) and Aaron Kennedy (BirelART).

In the early stages, McCullough latched on to the rear bumper of Hann and tried to push her away from the pack, but Kennedy managed to keep in touch after sliding by Jordan Prior (BirelART) and Mike De La Plante (K&K Kart), and when McCullough went to the lead on lap five, that allowed Kennedy to make it a race of three upfront.

All three drivers wanted to lead in the middle stages of the race, with the lead changing on the back straight every lap. The trio each had their turn until Hann resumed control with five laps to go and the action calmed down. This time the pack waited until the final lap to go for it all, and they did just that.

Hann was able to defend through turn one, two and three, but a slow exit allowed Kennedy to sneak up the inside heading towards corner four. A push from McCullough ensured he got to the lead and Hann slipped back to third, losing a little momentum in the process.

McCullough was forced to the outside on the back straight if he wanted to get by Kennedy, but he couldn’t pull it off as Kennedy perfectly nailed the final lap and scored the race win over McCullough and Hann.

Alex Murphy (BirelART) finished fourth, cruising in the final laps while Michael Adams (BirelART) drove from eighteenth on the grid to finish in the top-five. He worked most of the race with Sabrina Caron (Kosmic Kart), who finished sixth.

On track at the same time, a small grid of seven Briggs Masters drivers raced for a Canadian Open win too.

It was another race of three, this one featuring Mathieu Demers (BirelART), Jamie MacArthur (K&K Kart) and Daniel Courtemanche (BirelART).

All three had their chances in the lead throughout the race and following a final lap flurry of battling, Courtemanche arrived at the finish line first, just edging out Demers and MacArthur.

Thanks to KDM Racing, two brand new Briggs 206 engines were raffled off at the podium to lucky winners.

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