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KartStars Junior Pro and Senior Pro Winners Decided by Thousandths!


KartStars Junior Pro and Senior Pro Winners Decided by Thousandths!

The KartStars Canada Nationals at Shannonville Motorsports Park got underway Friday with two feature events to kick off the weekend of racing, and they did not disappoint.

Two non-points classes, dubbed KartStars Junior Pro and KartStars Senior Pro, took to the track following a full day of practice and Qualifying for the Rok Cup Canada classes. The Juniors utilized the Briggs 206 engine with a black slide, while the Seniors dropped to 320 pounds and were set to put on a show, which they did.

In Junior, which paced the 1.08km Shannonville circuit four-tenths quicker than the Senior Pros, Christian Savaglio (TonyKart) set the pace in Qualifying, but the race featured a number of different race leaders.

The final laps saw Braedon Fowler (Intrepid Kart), Sam David (Intrepid Kart) and Gavin Goldie (Intrepid Kart) take turns in the lead, while the lead pack featured seven karts.

As the pack came to the last lap board, David led, but Fowler dove up the inside on the main, as did Goldie, making it three-wide into corner one. Goldie emerged with the lead with a great move, with Fowler on his bumper.

Navigating the back section of the track, the race looked to be Goldies, but coming off the final corner, Fowler closed right in on Goldie and pulled alongside in a drag-race to the finish line, which Goldie celebrated as if he won. In a photo-finish, Fowler claimed the win by 0.008 seconds, while David came third, just behind the two. Fourth went to Elias McKenzie (CL Kart), who chased down the lead pack in the middle of the race and picked off positions late, while Savaglio wound up fifth.

KartStars Canada Nationals Briggs Junior Pro Shootout Results

1Braedon Fowler
2Gavin Goldie0.008
3Sam David0.118
4Elias McKenzie0.323
5Christian Savaglio0.691
6Michael Ing0.729
7Nathan Dupuis2.402
8Luka Jakimovski2.541
9Talon Clarke15.267
10Ethan Pollack18.384
11Natalie Parker18.496
12Elijah Joshi18.559
13Leoluca Dicarlo22.840
14Tyler Desrosiers22.881
15Declan Black22.918
16Max Franceschelli30.752
17Carson Bartlett31.438
18Michael Schwab6 laps
19Scotty Watkins18 laps
20Shae Clarke18 laps
21Stefano Picerno18 laps
22Sebastien Matthews18 laps

It was a similar showdown in Briggs Senior Pro.

From the front row, Nicky Palladino (Exprit) and Dale Bonham (BirelART) hooked up early and broke the draft just enough to create a gap to third, which was a race between a half dozen karts.

Bonham got into the lead around halfway and that allowed the chasing pack, featuring Gianluca Savaglio (BirelART), Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart), Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart), Zach Boam (BirelART), Chad Webster (Intrepid Kart) and Kevin May (BirelART), to close in. Cowden tried a few times to gain the third spot from Savaglio, to no avail though.

As the final lap sign was shown, a collision between Cowden, Taylor and Webster for third took them out of the running and left it to Bonham and Palladino.

Bonham held the lead around the final lap and around the long sweeping final corner, but Palladino pulled out the outside with momentum. Even a big thrust from Bonham wasn’t enough to keep him ahead and Palladino scored the win by 0.004 seconds.

Third went to Savaglio, who edged Boam by 0.008 seconds, with May completing the top-five.

KartStars Canada Nationals Briggs Senior Pro Shootout Results

1Nicky Palladino
2Dale Bonham0.004
3Gianluca Savaglio0.473
4Zach Boam0.481
5Kevin May1.934
6Chad Webster3.704
7Anthony Frattaroli11.211
8Jake Cowden13.594
9Kyle Rennie16.522
10Jarvis Noon16.844
11JD Savaglio43.623
12Brennan Taylor1 lap
13Javier Ruiz1 lap
14Peter Courteau3 laps
15Jelena Latkovic7 laps

The KartStars Canada National Championship at Shannonville resumes tomorrow with more Qualifying and races for single-day classes, while the Rok Cup Canada classes will run a number of heat races.

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