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KartStars Canada Forced to Cancel Race 1 After Vicious Storm


KartStars Canada Forced to Cancel Race 1 After Vicious Storm

Downed trees, destroyed tents and havoc flips great event upside down

The opening weekend of the KartStars Canada championship was well underway at Goodwood Kartways when disaster struck early in the afternoon on Saturday. Extreme winds, almost tornado-like, whipped in and in minutes, left the paddock and track at Goodwood Kartways looking like a scene out of a movie.

Tents were bent and broken, karts and parts were scattered all over the grounds, trees had fallen on all four corners of the property, fences were knocked down and the circuit’s barriers were scattered all over the place.

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported but event officials determined it was best to cancel the remainder of the event.

What happened in the aftermath of the worst storm I’ve ever experienced was a proper showing of our great karting community. First, many walked the grounds to see if there were any injuries. Following the announcement of the cancellation, a large part of the racers and families came together to help clean up the entire property. Chainsaws were running to help cut up the downed trees and clear the debris, many were helping pick up the broken tent pieces, others were picking up garbage and many took to the track to put the barriers back in place.

It was all hands on deck to help get the place we all love, the kart track, back together. Everyone coming together as one was just another example of how amazing our karting community really is.

KartStars officials are still trying to determine what to do, but that decision will come at a later time.

For now, we’re just happy nobody was seriously hurt. Karts and tents can be fixed and we look forward to everyone getting back out to the track in the near future.


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