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KartStars Canada Continues with Added Value Approach to Regional Racing


KartStars Canada Continues with Added Value Approach to Regional Racing

Press release by: KartStars Canada.

Round One of the KartStars Canada Karting Championship is set to take place this weekend on July 3/4 at Canada’s most historic karting venue, Goodwood Kartways. Since its inception, Series’ principals focused on creating a platform that gave back to the karting community through an ‘added value’ approach. Lower registration fees, increased track time, discounts on race tires and fuel and an impressive prize package was the outcome. This refreshing mindset was well received by karters from all over the province and as year one created some of the biggest events in 2020, we now shift gears to a new season.

Taking into consideration experiences from the past as leaders in the National scene for the last decade, the Goodwood Kartways Team reflected on and evaluated lasts year’s performance. Always looking to improve, the Team believes that small tweaks are enough as they continue to offer an unprecedented bang-for-the buck.

“Last year we started with a fresh slate, commented Goodwood Kartways’ Daniel Di Leo. We went back to the drawing board, paid close attention to the feedback from the past and the end result was a refreshing approach that karters enjoyed. The atmosphere was inclusive, competitors were respected and appreciated and the participation levels rivalled the biggest in Canada. People showed appreciation and instead of reinventing the wheel we will simply look to fine-tune a product that we believe is second to none.”

Highlighting some of the features, here are five reasons you should be racing at KartStars Round One this weekend.

  • Regional Racing at Club Racing Pricing: With the challenges in today’s world we are fortunate to continue doing what we love. More than ever, the cost of entry is a sensitive topic. The cost to enter a Club Race across the province averages $100-$125. A typical club race includes four on-track sessions and roughly 10minutes per session. Over the course of the day, the expectation is close to $25/session. We understand that the foundation starts with Club Racing and the old approach of ‘pricing out’ the average Club Racer simply isn’t an option for us. The KartStars format includes six on-track sessions for a Single-Day class. The cost of entry slightly more than the average Club Race but matching the same cost of $25/session as Club Racing. With KartStars Junior and KartStars Senior options at more than 50% off, the cost per session falls below that of Club Racing! For years we have heard that Regional racing is too expensive, so we are maintaining our commitment to do something about it.
  • All the National classes offered (Rok and Briggs) with a format specifically tailored to each: Speaking in general terms, Rok racers in Canada expect a weekend-long competition at the highest level. Briggs racers on the other hand, are more conscious of costs and that includes the opportunity cost of being away from work or the extra day away from home for that matter. The bottom line is that both groups of racers are equally important to our program and this year’s KartStars format continues to be tailored to both. Briggs racers get a full day of racing action in a single-day format. Warm-up, Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2, Pre-final and Final all in a one-day format! Rok racers get a two-day format with longer lap counts as they work towards the Finals on Sunday. For those Briggs racers looking for more, consider entering KartStars Junior or KartStars Senior and get a second FULL day of racing for only $75! We think this was important and judging from the feedback we got it right.
  • Regional Racing demands an experienced staff: You can’t argue with the experience of the KartStars Team. From our experience in hosting Canada’s largest events to the retention of the most important person, our team has the experience to do it right and we do it efficiently. Rob Oakman is back in control of the on-track racing action and with a familiar cast of characters, you can expect a controlled environment. Jeff Conte and others have worked diligently behind the scenes to put together a Rule Set that is current and makes sense. Wrex Roth, Gord and Ryland Duessbury joined the team last year and are back on board as the Rok Technical Team. Bruce Fowler continues to head up Briggs Inspection.
  • Kart racing at the highest level can be financially demanding and we need to help: To compete against the best, you need to be your best and oftentimes that means fresh equipment and more specifically fresh rubber! KartStars has implemented a strategy to help. First off, Rok racers are limited to one-set for the entire weekend. Right off the bat that cuts the tires costs of last year’s models in half. The cherry on top, the one-set is offered at a discounted price. 10% off retail when purchased through pre-registration. Briggs racers we didn’t forget about you. Bring what you got. As long as your tires meet class requirements, run new or used, it’s your choice. No tire purchase required. For those who are in need of a new set, the same 10% off applies if you choose to buy a new set while registering. Just to put this into perspective, 15 years ago Dunlop SL4 was the spec tire in Ontario. Back then retail was $220/set. Today, while registering for Round One the cost of your race tires through the KartStars Canada discount is $229. We are confident that this will help and our hope is that it will increase participation.
  • An impressive Prize Package for the Winners and for Random Participants: Prizing and awards are always important when trying to attract the best and racing against the best is what we all look forward to at Regional events. But the fact of the matter is not everyone can win. For those who can, Trips to represent Team Canada at the Rok Superfinal in Italy trips to compete against the worlds best at Rok The Rio in Las Vegas, how about a test for four deserving drivers in the New Speed Motorsports Nascar Pinty’s Car at Shannonville Motorsports Park later in the year. We’ve added the Jiffylube Fast Qualifier Award which pays out $100 cash to each Pole Position Winner and if you didn’t reach the podium it’s not over yet. Show up to the podium and you can win free entry to the next round or how about new racing tires and/or Race Fuel as we raffle off these valuable prizes to random participants. Check out the full list of prizes and awards on our website.

KartStars Canada is very much looking forward to this season. We appreciate your participation and look forward to having you race with us at our opening round. For further information please visit Questions? Email

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