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KartStars Canada Championship Finale: Rok Cup SuperFinal Tickets on the Line


KartStars Canada Championship Finale: Rok Cup SuperFinal Tickets on the Line

Rokkers take to 3S Go-Karts in Sutton to decide it all

For the first time in nearly a decade, competition karting will compete at 3S Go-Karts in Sutton, Ontario as the KartStars Canada Championship finale will take place during Labour Day weekend.

A last minute change for the series saw them shift from Point Pelee Karting to 3S Go-Karts has caught the attention of many racers, including some getting a little nostalgia from their early karting days.

With it being the fourth and final round, here’s our look at the top-five in the championship standings in each of the classes.

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With tickets to the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy on the line, there’s plenty up for grabs this weekend in Sutton for two-cycle racers.

ROK Senior

PosPointsPoints Behind LeaderPoints Behind Next Position
1Nolan Bower910
2Robert Soroka878-32-32
3Kai Dalziel768-142-110
4Andrew Maciel738-172-30
5Eamon Lowe613-297-125

Four very hungry ROK Senior drivers have a chance at the title this weekend and the ticket to Italy.

Nolan Bower (Exprit) scored race wins in round one and two but struck trouble when it mattered most at the KartStars Nationals. Robert Soroka (RedSpeed) is only 32 points back and has been the most consistent throughout the year. Kai Dalziel (Kosmic) is third and 142 points back, meaning he will need a victory this weekend to steal the title, as does Andrew Maciel (TonyKart), who has been working hard this year to return to the SuperFinal as a member of Team Canada.

ROK Junior

PosPointsPoints Behind LeaderPoints Behind Next Position
1Austin Boyle1075
2Joseph Launi753-322-322
3Ayden Ingratta748-327-5
4Lorenzo Morsillo740-335-8
5Christian Valverde661-414-79

Looking to cap off a perfect season, Austin Boyle (Exprit) has already punched his ticket to Italy and clinched the KartStars Rok Junior Championship. His point lead is 322 points to the closest competitor and does not even need to start this weekend to take it.

This means the ticket is up for the vice-champion, which is a very close battle. Joseph Launi (RS Kart), Ayden Ingratta (RedSpeed) and Lorenzo Morsillo (Exprit) are separated by only 13 points, virtually nothing, while Christian Valverde (TonyKart) is 92 points back. Any one of these four can earn a trip to the SuperFinal with a solid weekend at Sutton, a track none of them have competed on before. Queue the excitement.

Joseph Launi

ROK Mini

PosPointsPoints Behind LeaderPoints Behind Next Position
1Jordan Di Leo1015
2Ryan Maxwell818-197-197
3Jensen Burnett778-237-40
4Stefano Picerno733-282-45
5Santiago Ramirez726-289-7

A near perfect weekend at Goodwood for Jordan Di Leo (Intrepid) helped him take back the championship lead and open up a huge gap in the Mini ROK championship as he looks to secure his first ticket to the SuperFinal.

Ryan Maxwell (Energy Kart) isn’t fully out, but he needs all of the cards in the deck to fall his way this weekend if he wants to overcome the 197-point deficit he has to Di Leo as the round one winner found trouble in round three.

Sitting in third, Jensen Burnett (Energy Kart) has a chance to overtake his teammate for the vice-champion position sitting only 40 points back, while another Energy Kart driver, Stefano Picerno, is fourth overall, another 45 points back of Burnett. Looking to shake up the top-five, a good weekend for Santiago Ramirez (Intrepid) could move him up the standings as well.

ROK VLR Masters

PosPointsPoints Behind LeaderPoints Behind Next Position
1John Cariati908
2Alex Monkovski813-95-95
3Igor Manukhov786-122-27
4Robert Chiasson610-298-176
5Paul Everatt588-320-22

Following his surprise victory at the KartStars Nationals, John Cariati (Intrepid) clinched his ticket to the Rok Cup SuperFinal and does not need to worry this weekend at Sutton, unless he wants to win the championship too. He holds a 95-point lead over Alexander Mankovski (Intrepid), while Igor Manukhov (Exprit) is also in contention, 122 points back of the leader.

ROK Shifter

PosPointsPoints Behind LeaderPoints Behind Next Position
1Davide Greco1100
2Lucio Masini796-304-304
3Dante Lerra780-320-16
4Antonio Ferrari698-402-82
5Ryan Monteiro673-427-25

The race in ROK Shifter is for second as Davide Greco (Intrepid) is already a member of Rok Cup Team Canada and he holds a massive points lead in the championship.

With that being said, 123 points separates second through fourth in a race for the second ticket to Italy. Lucio Masini (RS Kart) is only 16 points ahead of Dante Lerra (GP Kart), winner of round one. Antonio Ferrari (RS Kart) is also in the mix, as is Ryan Monteiro (GP Kart) as the four drivers from Innisfil Indy Karting will duke it out this weekend for a trip to the SuperFinal.

Racers will use Friday at Sutton for practice. Saturday will be a full race day for Briggs Cadet, Junior Lite, Junior and KartStars Senior, while ROK Junior, Senior, VLR Masters and Shifters will run the first half of their weekend. Returning on Sunday, the ROK classes will complete their races, while Mini Rok, Briggs Senior, Masters and KartStars Junior will run a full race day.

If you have the long weekend off, this is a great opportunity to compete on a beloved karting track in Ontario.

A reminder to register online for the event via the website.

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