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KartSport Canada Releases 2020 Regulations

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KartSport Canada Releases 2020 Regulations

While the start of the 2020 karting season rightly remains in limbo due to the ongoing fight against the spread of novel coronavirus, industry leaders have continued to collaborate in preparation for the upcoming season. Working remotely from home offices to complete a process that began in January, a trio of industry veterans have managed to put the finishing touches on the 2020 KartSport Canada Regulations – guides that will govern the KartStars Canada Championship and a number of kart clubs.

Former ASN National Officials Rob Oakman and Jeff Conte paired with KartStars Canada promoter Daniel Di Leo to produce both the Sporting Regulations (Book 1) and the Technical Regulations (Book 2) early this week, completing a plan that included a complete overhaul of the 2019 ASN Canada FIA Regulations.

“Rebranding the ASN regulations would have been an easy way out, but I’m glad we invested the time to do this right,” said Di Leo. “This definitely wasn’t as simple as copy and paste. Having each person go through past regs line by line and evaluate the impact and intent of each entry from a commercial point of view, through the eyes of the officials and from the perspective of a racer, I believe we have definitely done it right and created regulations that will be widely accepted and add value for competitors.”

As one responsible for enforcing a number of edicts that are now in print, Race Director Oakman readily agreed, both with the process and the final product. “This process was clearly long overdue,” he noted. “We used the 2019 ASN regulations as a guideline, but after taking the time to go through both books in detail it was clear that the books needed a proper overhaul. There were sections that were no longer relevant, sections that were contradictory and surprisingly, sections that didn’t reference the specification of today’s karting classes!”

The only active racer in the group, Conte brought the perspective of both a Master Class racer and one having previously worked on National level supplemental rules and regulations.

“Having played a role in Ontario’s biggest events over the last five years and been on both sides of the rule book, I definitely believe we took the right approach,” he said. “Combined, we definitely had every aspect of karting covered, and I think in generating that kind of synergy we have done the job properly and produced regulations that are clear, current and will serve karting as intended.”

The regulations can be viewed on the KartSport Canada web site at

2020 Sporting Regulations (Book 1):

2020 Technical Regulations (Book 2):

KartSport Canada would like to thank all involved with the creation of the new Sporting and Technical Regulations, both those mentioned above and others that were contacted owing to their expertise in regard to specific areas. Questions and/or concerns are welcomed at this time and should be directed to

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