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CKN | | Because Karting is a way of Life! is Back Online and the Place to Sell Your Used Karting Stuff!

Latest News is Back Online and the Place to Sell Your Used Karting Stuff!

There’s no time like the present to get your workshop organized, upgrade your equipment, get some extra cash in your pocket (for next race season), or get your partner off your back (“When are you going to clean up all that go-kart stuff?”).

Let’s face it, the karting apocalypse is probably unlikely to happen, so you don’t need those trick parts from your late 90’s torsion kart (if you know, you know). But guess what – someone else out there may still be using that chassis for hobby and could use what you’ve got collecting dust.

How you may ask, how can I possibly get all of the above done? Well, it just so happens that a website set up for used karting equipment has officially relaunched. It’s called

So if you have used parts kicking around or are looking for something used then get on it and check out The site is ready to rock and roll already, and we think it is the bomb (obviously we’re a bit biased). Still, as time goes on, our team will continue to add some kickass features for you. Up our sleeves, we have plans that will not only make it easier to post and navigate but will also help get your stuff sold sooner or match you with that part you’ve been on the hunt for.

What are you waiting for, get after it!

Karting Classifieds was created by those passionate about karting. A single source dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of karting equipment.

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Keep it to the point while providing as much detail as possible. Make sure to include all the tech specs on what you're selling ie: exactly what's included, age, condition, any history that's relevant, any upgrades. Think about it this way if you were a potential buyer, what questions you would want answered. Give some thought into where you're willing to ship, meet or deliver your item. You're not required to provide that at this stage but if you know you're for sure not shipping it out of state, province or country maybe it's good to mention you prefer a buyer within a specific area. Then there are major items like being honest, if something is damaged beyond standard wear and tear for its age it's probably best to point that out so you're not wasting your time or a buyers time. ⁠ ⁠ #100cc #becausekarting #birelart #crg #gokart #gokarting #intrepid #kart #karting #kartingengine #kartingphoto #kartingusa #kartracing #kosmickart #letsrok #otk #otkusa #prokart #race #racewithskusa #rokcupusa #ROKtheRIO #rotaxmax #skusa #skusaprotour #skusasupernats #superkartsusa #tonykart #KARTINGCLASSIFIEDS

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Stay organized with your post. Put the info in an order it makes sense and is simple for potential buyers to read and understand. Make sure to use point form lists of items included and key notes on the item. Break up the written description into relevant paragraphs. People have a tendancy to skim and if you're organized they're more likely to read your whole ad vs. if its just a single novel in a paragraph. ⁠ ⁠ #100cc #becausekarting #birelart #crg #gokart #gokarting #intrepid #kart #karting #kartingengine #kartingphoto #kartingusa #kartracing #kosmickart #letsrok #otk #otkusa #prokart #race #racewithskusa #rokcupusa #ROKtheRIO #rotaxmax #skusa #skusaprotour #skusasupernats #superkartsusa #tonykart #KARTINGCLASSIFIEDS

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