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Karting Quebec Announces Changes for Upcoming Season

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Karting Quebec Announces Changes for Upcoming Season

On the heels of the announcement from SRA Karting about the reformation of the Coupe du Montreal championship series, Karting Quebec Director Robert Foteas has come forward to reintroduce the Coupe de l’Est (East Cup), putting aside the Coupe du Quebec Championship for 2016. Foteas also announced that the two programs with merge for a season final Quebec Championship event to close out the season and crown Quebec champions for each category.

The formation of two regional programs in Quebec hopes to breathe some new life into the region that has been hit hard over the past few years.

With the Coupe du Montreal planning events at SRA Karting, Circuit ICAR and the Jim Russell Karting Academy, we assume that the the Coupe de l’Est will host events at SH Karting, Saint-Celestin and KCR Karting.

We also assume schedules and locations for the two regional programs will be announced in the coming months.

The full statement from Robert Foteas can be read by clicking here.


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