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Karting Clubs Come Together to Form Capital Cup Series

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Karting Clubs Come Together to Form Capital Cup Series

Karting in Canada’s Capital Region – The 2016 Season Delivers Coordinated 4-Stroke Racing Opportunities for All Racers.

The three kart clubs in Canada’s Capital Region – the National Capital Kart Club (NCKC), the Circuit Quyon Karting Club (LCQKC), and the Lombardy Karting Association (LKA) – have worked together to deliver an exciting 4-stroke racing program for all racers in 2016. The result of this collaboration is a coordinated schedule, enabling members of the three regional clubs to participate in many competitive local events in 2016. This year’s racing program also provides opportunities for Quebec, Ontario, and Northern USA racers to join in on the fun for what promises to be the biggest 4-stroke racing season in the region to date.

For 2016, the Capital Cup Series (CCS) is a new and significant addition to the region’s racing program. This three-race championship will provide competitive 4-stroke racing involving all three local tracks and clubs. Participants in this series will compete for a prize package which includes, amongst other items, two CHUMPCAR racing opportunities at Calabogie Motorsports Park in 2017, sponsored by SPDi Spark, with an estimated value of $2,000 each.

Mark your calendars for the CCS events!

Event Date Location
Race #1 May 28-29 Lombardy Karting
Race#2 July 16-17 Le Circuit Quyon
Race #3 Aug 6-7 Karters Korners

Several great events are planned this year in Canada’s Capital Region!

For additional information, please visit the following websites and pages:

National Capital Kart Club (NCKC)
Le Circuit Quyon Karting Club (LCQKC)
Lombardy Karting Association

“We look forward to safe, fun, and exciting racing in 2016 – see you at the track!”

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