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Kart Stars Canada Nationals – Qualifying Report

Jordan Di Leo scored two pole-positions on Friday at the Kart Stars Canada Nationals (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)


Kart Stars Canada Nationals – Qualifying Report

Action is underway at Goodwood Kartways as the Kart Stars Canada Nationals hit the track Friday for official Qualifying and the first round of heat races.

Drivers were challenged to put down their best time while on a track with only a few other karts, and they only had two circuits to put forth their best effort.

ROK Senior was extremely tight at the top, as positions one through five were separated by only 0.069 seconds, with Nolan Bower (Exprit Kart) having a 0.015 second advantage over Andrew Maciel (TonyKart). ROK Junior was also extremely close at the top, with Ayden Ingratta (RedSpeed) besting Austin Boyle (Exprit) by 0.047 seconds.

The Briggs divisions were even closer! In Briggs Senior we saw the top-six separated by only 0.055 seconds. Pearce Herder (Awesome Kart) was quickest with Chad Webster (Intrepid) eight-thousandths of a second slower and Logan Ploder (CL Kart) 0.010 off the fastest time. In Briggs Masters it was only 0.001 seconds that separated Eli Yanko (TonyKart) and David Anderson (Awesome Kart)!

Jordan Di Leo (Intrepid) led the way in two categories as he continues to stand out as a Cadet. He nipped Jensen Burnett (Energy Kart) by 0.032 seconds in Briggs Cadet, and also topped Mini ROK over Santiago Ramirez (Intrepid) and Ryan Maxwell (Energy Kart). Unfortunately, Di Leo was sidelined in the Mini ROK heat race with a clutch failure.

Joe Crupi

Other Fastest Qualifying awards went to Davide Greco (Intrepid) in ROK Shifter, Gavin Goldie (Exprit Kart) in Briggs Junior Lite, Anthony Boscia (BirelART) in Briggs Junior,

Kart Stars Canada Nationals Friday Qualifying Top-5

Round #3 @ Goodwood Kartways

ROK Junior

  1. Ayden Ingratta
  2. Austin Boyle 0.047
  3. Cole Newton +0.439
  4. Lorenzo Morsillo +0.688
  5. Christian Valverde +0.727

ROK Senior

  1. Nolan Bower
  2. Andrew Maciel +0.015
  3. Robert Soroka +0.021
  4. Kai Dalziel +0.024
  5. Nicholas Hornbostel +0.069

ROK Mini

  1. Jordan Di Leo
  2. Santiago Ramirez +0.225
  3. Ryan Maxwell +0.449
  4. Stefano Picerno +0.492
  5. Jensen Burnett +0.507
Gavin Goldie

Briggs Senior

  1. Pearce Herder
  2. Chad Webster +0.008
  3. Logan Ploder +0.010
  4. Brennan Taylor +0.049
  5. Jake Cowden +0.055

Briggs Masters

  1. Eli Yanko
  2. David Anderson +0.001
  3. Marc Stehle +0.060
  4. Levon Beaudin +0.119
  5. Steven Chan +0.135

Briggs Junior

  1. Anthony Boscia
  2. Nicholas Gilkes +0.081
  3. Ethan Bound +0.113
  4. Jayden Elphage +0.159
  5. Mackenzie Milwain +0.220

Rok Shifter

  1. Davide Greco
  2. Lucio Masini +0.164
  3. Dante Lerra +0.171
  4. Justin Luik +0.402
  5. Josh Conquer +0.413

Briggs Cadet

  1. Jordan Di Leo
  2. Jensen Burnett +0.032
  3. Rocco Simone +0.111
  4. Christian Papp +0.142
  5. Joey Lecce +0.383

Briggs Junior Lite

  1. Gavin Goldie
  2. Braedon Fowler +0.009
  3. Christian Menezes +0.247
  4. Brady Clapman +0.302
  5. Elias McKenzie +0.502

ROK Masters VLR

  1. Joe Crupi
  2. John Cariati +0.327
  3. Igor Manukhov +1.042
  4. Anthony Simone +1.121
  5. Alexander Mankovski +1.294

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