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Kart Announcer Dude: Holy crap, it’s Race season again!


Kart Announcer Dude: Holy crap, it’s Race season again!

With his words on wisdom, we introduce the CKN Nation to @KartAnnouncerDude – If you don’t know him already that is.

Holy crap, it’s Race season again!

In a lot of ways, it feels like it’s been a painfully long Winter even though if you follow my Instagram of @KartAnnouncerDude, and you follow CKN and the fabulous real-time reporting, you will know that I did some travelling on behalf of the sport. Off to Vegas, off to Florida, it’s the dream life for a fat guy who wants to lie on the couch (not me).

I know there are many of you racers out there who was holding a candle, looking out the window, hoping and praying for Winter to hurry up, and Spring to get here so that you can get the helmet back on and start screaming at your family, mechanic, best friends, fellow racers, and whoever else gets in the way.

Has dad been out in the garage working diligently on the go-kart even in the cold, also dreaming of success? That’s what I would do. If the weather was getting you down, or you just had a full-fledged stroke and were dying to get back on the tools, go out to the garage and work on the kart.

Even though Winter is over, has this not been the slowest start for Spring? The weather is questionable virtually every day, it’s not freezing but I wouldn’t call this warm and the rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Also some rain!

Most of all the clubs have already started with their practice sessions and even a couple of races. Had to struggle through the weather but as always, the race teams come out armed and ready.

Now for the fun. The MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship is almost upon us. This is the series to test your skill, your mechanic abilities, and the support from your family. It is a step up from your regular club racing, and everybody is gunning for success. And of course, my voice billowing out over the pits. “Get your karts ready”, among many other borderline inappropriate comments. I have been told that I have racing Tourette’s. Uncontrollable and uncanny ability to say something stupid. And I take pride in that, although my therapist has her hands full trying to help this old guy from being too immature. That be me.

But the point to the sport is very much geared around fun. Sometimes it’s hard to see that when it’s so competitive. But really, come on, if something that you do becomes too much of a burden, then a re-evaluation is required. I don’t know but I find this sport very addictive. To strive to become better, faster and always near the front. How many times has the mechanic been pondering and pondering about what to do and then suddenly find something loose on the kart? Very possibly costing valuable time. In their head, they are celebrating. “Oh my God, I think I found it oh, now you’re going to win.” How many people have that actual thought going through your head? All of you. Me too. Maybe several million times.

Am I addicted? Hell yeah. Both my sons raced. Both have grown up. My older son has moved on to conquer the home building industry. My youngest son who still races occasionally, has also ventured out into the real world. I’m in a little bit of a panic mode worrying that possibly my ability to go to a racetrack day are numbered. If these kids of mine don’t start birthing racing babies, I threatened to go to Russia and buy a kid just to stay racing.

I know you all out there have the same addiction. I’ve heard you, mothers and fathers, saying “oh, yeah, we do it for the kids.” Right. When anyone ever asked me, what do you do? I reply ‘I’m a racer. On my team, I consider myself the racer and my son just steers.’ Every single person that goes through those gates at the track is racers. Just like me.

So let’s keep it fun. I’ll do my best to do my part. We have a nice long season, many races, many events, and many people to enjoy.


Words of wisdom,


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