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K1 Group to Become the new CRG Distributor in North America

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K1 Group to Become the new CRG Distributor in North America

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What does this mean for CRG USA and PSL Karting?

The silly season is not only reserved for the driver market, but also for the businesses in the karting industry. Two weeks ago we caught word that K1 Group would be the new CRG distributor for North America. After talking with both CRG USA and PSL Karting we can confirm that this is true. We expect to see an official release after the New Year.

So this brings up the question, but why? We still do not know the whole story, though we can only imagine it comes down to an indoor kart deal. CRG has been making a push to compete in the indoor karting market and this would be a huge win for the Italian kart manufacturer. This of course is just speculation, but what else could make CRG want to change their current model that has been successful with both PSL Karting and CRG USA? CRG is the second largest karting brand in North America second to OTK/Tony Kart.

After speaking with K1 Group, we have learned that this is much larger than just becoming a new distributor. K1 looks to grow the whole karting industry by bridgeing the gap between indoor and outdoor karting.

Finally, what is next for the two companies? CRG USA has built a relationship with K1 over the past few years. Could we see them operate the race team portion of the business or maybe even a bigger role? For PSL Karting it’s hard to think of them representing any other brand, but CRG, yet this may be a time for change. There is no way they could be just a dealer.

The official release will be out later today or tomorrow.

Statement for PSL West:

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