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K&P Duo Score MRFKC Briggs Senior Wins; Ali Takes the Title


K&P Duo Score MRFKC Briggs Senior Wins; Ali Takes the Title

Six podiums in six races for Ali

Adam Ali (Kosmic) used a second-place finish on Saturday at the Mosport Karting Centre to seal up the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship Briggs Senior title, but that didn’t stop him from seeking a perfect podium streak in the final race of the year on Sunday.

Saturday’s race saw Ali link up with Pearce Herder (Awesome Kart) right from the get-go and the two broke free from the field. Herder snuck by just before the final lap began and then held on for the win as Ali smartly accepted second place and enough points to win the title.

Jordan Prior (BirelART) managed to stay on top of a wild race for third to join them on the podium.

On Sunday, the Final featured a sporadic opening couple of laps, starting with pole-sitter Jake Cowden being hung out in corner three and falling back to ninth before the first lap was over. On lap three, Herder and early race leader Nicholas Hornbostel (Kosmic) came together entering the bowl, ending both of their races and breaking up the lead pack.

It would come down to Prior, Jon Treadwell (BirelART) and Maddox Heacock (Awesome Kart), while Ali and Cowden were a distant fourth and fifth.

Linking up, the pair were able to inch closer lap after lap and with only a few laps remaining, had caught the rear bumper of Heacock in third.

Prior gained control on lap nine and remained on top until the final lap. Treadwell tried an over-under heading into the hairpin, but Prior timed his braking perfectly and Treadwell had nowhere to go but into his rear bumper. In the race back up the hill, Ali got by Heacock for third and it would all come down to the final three corners.

Prior defended the inside and Treadwell swing wide. Ali took the opportunity and followed Prior, giving him a huge shove into corner nine, moving him out of the way. For an instant, Ali had the lead, but Prior came back and the pair both ran wide before the final corner.

From fifth all the way to first in the final two corners, Cowden navigated the chaos perfectly and erupted as the race winner while Ali ended up second and Prior third. Treadwell was fourth, but a pushback bumper penalty knocked him out of the top-five. Heacock and Gianluca Savaglio (CL Kart) completed the final top-five.

With six podiums in six races, Ali beat Prior to the championship by an impressive 194 points, while Hamilton double-winner David Barnes (BirelART) took third. Treadwell and Herder were fourth and fifth overall.

Race Results: MRFKC Briggs Senior Race #5

  1. Pearce Herder
  2. Adam Ali
  3. Jordan Prior
  4. Jon Treadwell
  5. Gianluca Savaglio
  6. Alex Murphy
  7. Nicholas Hornbostel
  8. Logan Ploder
  9. David Barnes
  10. Maddox Heacock
  11. Avery Miller
  12. Khloe Drummond
  13. Alec Drummond
  14. Nicholas Scarfo
  15. Keidon Fletcher
  16. Owyn Thomas
  17. Anthony Quezada
  18. Mike De La Plante
  19. Tom Fredericks
  20. Everatt Klassen
  21. Tyler Freier
  22. Alex Savaglio
  23. Alex Gutknecht
  24. Kaitlyn Freier
  25. Jake Cowden
  26. Craig Dener

Race Results: MRFKC Briggs Senior Race #6

  1. Jake Cowden
  2. Adam Ali
  3. Jordan Prior
  4. Maddox Heacock
  5. Gianluca Savaglio
  6. David Barnes
  7. Alex Murphy
  8. Jon Treadwell
  9. Logan Ploder
  10. Avery Miller
  11. Nicholas Scarfo
  12. Everatt Klassen
  13. Anthony Quezada
  14. Tyler Freier
  15. Alex Gutknecht
  16. Mike De La Plante
  17. Tom Fredericks
  18. Craig Dener
  19. Alex Savaglio
  20. Kaitlyn Freier
  21. Owyn Thomas
  22. Nicholas Hornbostel
  23. Pearce Herder
  24. Khloe Drummond
  25. Alec Drummond
  26. Keidon Fletcher

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