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Jonathon Treadwell Scores Canadian National Title in Briggs & Stratton Senior Thriller

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Jonathon Treadwell Scores Canadian National Title in Briggs & Stratton Senior Thriller

Following their junior counterparts, the Briggs & Stratton Senior’s rolled out onto the track for their National Final. The largest class of the weekend was the fan favourite and every inch of fencing around the facility was packed full of spectators.

It took two attempts, but when the green flag finally flew it was Kyle Edgar (BirelART) who took lead at the start with Kevin King (BirelART), Gerald Casesley (BirelART), Jonathon Treadwell (K&K Kart) and Kyle Herder (Awesome Kart) slotting in line up front with battles on battles behind the lead pack.

The front group remained quite steady until Herder worked his way up to the lead with five laps to go, sneaking by Edgar in the final corner.

But it appeared Herder did not want to lead, waving at his fellow competitors to go by in corner five and while Edgar stayed put in second, King and Treadwell took advantage and moved on by, opening up the floodgates for passing up front.

With a push from Treadwell up the hill, Edgar moved by King and back into the lead and while Herder tried to follow through, contact between him and King exiting seven allowed the front two to break way and creating a flurry for the final podium position.

Pushing Edgar away until two laps to go, Treadwell waited patiently to make his move for the lead in corner five. While Edgar tried inside and out to get back by in the final lap and a half, Treadwell hit every mark and managed every block to hold on to the lead, celebrating his first Canadian National Championship and the first for K&K Karts in the Senior division.

The Battle for third was intense between Herder, King, Caseley, Sean McPhee (BirelART), and Michael Glaze (BirelART). Contact between King and Herder knocked Herder’s nosecone off on the final lap in corner seven, allowing Caseley and McPhee to sneak through and finish third and fourth with both Herder and Glaze pulling off before the checkered flag, moving Tom Cadieaux (BirelART) up to finish fifth.

King recovered to finish sixth, but a one-position penalty moved him to seventh behind Christopher Prioetto (Intrepid) with Pearce Herder (Awesome Kart), Charlotte Lalonde (Margay) and Simon Belanger (FA Kart) completing the top-ten.

Unofficial Results | Photo Gallery

With great support from Briggs & Stratton, the top-three finishers all took home a powerful B&S Powersmart Generator.


The Briggs & Stratton Senior podium from left to right: Briggs & Stratton’s David Klaus, Kyle Edgar (2nd), James and Jon Treadwell (1st) and Gerald Caseley (3rd) – Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

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