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Jim Russell Karting Academy Announces Summer Driver Camp

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Jim Russell Karting Academy Announces Summer Driver Camp

jim-russell-kartingThe Jim Russell Karting Academy has announced today that they will hold a driver summer camp this summer at their Mont-Tremblant location. From June 18 to June 26, drivers and mechanics are invited to attend the 8-day event to help improve drivers and mechanics in all aspects of the sport. Drivers are not required to stay the entire 8 days, but can come and go.

The summer camp will help steer new and experienced kart racers in the right direction towards their racing future, and drivers will be working with a very experienced coaching staff. Three-time Rotax Grand Finals Champion Ben Cooper will be joined by F1600 driver Zacharie Robichon as well as KMS North America team manager Peter Kalman.

The trio will work with drivers on subjects like: driving position, cold tire driving, racing lines, adaptation of driving style, and much much more. Off track, Position 1 Fitness will be involved to instruct drivers about fitness, nutrition and proper dieting, all things that have led Canadian drivers to victory in the previous three Rotax Grand Finals DD2 class. There will also be a bit about Press Releases and Interviews, ensuring drivers do their best to stay in the media spotlight.

On top of the drivers camp, there will also be a mechanics course available. From prepping a new kart, to fine tuning to the top of the speed charts, this will be a great course for parents and young mechanics looking to improve.

“This is the first ever driver camp being held at the Academie de Karting Jim Russell. Its going to be an 8 day camp, but drivers are welcome to come just for a day if they want,” explains Ben Cooper. “We are going to try and cover all aspects of karting not only from the driving point of view, but from all of the other aspects of karting that are quite often over looked. This is including the fitness and nutrition where we will be working with our partners at Position 1 Fitness.”

“We are using this camp just to show people what we are looking to do here at the academy in the future so feel free to come and check it out.”

Those interested or have any questions are advised to contact


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