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It’s Official: PSL Karting and BirelART Have Joined

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It’s Official: PSL Karting and BirelART Have Joined

The PSL Karting guessing game is finally over. As announced on, one of Canada’s most powerful karting teams, has finally confirmed which direction they will go after parting ways with the CRG brand late in 2014. Joining up with another Italian chassis brand, BirelART, PSL will now dawn Canada’s colours, the red and white, as they move forward with their operation.

Official details will be announced in the coming days, but PSL is expected to be outfitted in their new colours at the final rounds of the Florida Winter Tour in Ocala, Florida this March.

About PSL and BirelART:

PSL Karting is one the largest karting distributors supporting a massive dealer network inside North-America. In addition to the business, PSL operates one of the world’s most successful and professional racing-teams, having graduated hundreds of drivers to the next level in motorsports.

Ronni Sala’s Birel is the oldest karting manufacturer in the world, with a recent joint-effort and collaboration from Nicolas Todt’s ART Grand Prix, which supports series such as F.Renault 2.0, GP3, GP2, and DTM!

Photo credit: PSL Karting Press Department

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