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Introducing the New CKN Social Feed


Introducing the New CKN Social Feed

Throughout the past few months, we have been hard at work updating some of the working functions of the website and we are proud to announce the newest page addition to our website. We have created a CKN Social Feed for our friends and readers that do not have the access to our social media pages.

Check out the New CKN Social Feed here!

The new CKN Social Feed is a free-flowing page that includes all our social media posts from applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So although we try to post everything we can on the site, some short posts and information gets missed by our readers without social media.

The page can be found at or by clicking the “Social Feed” link in our top navigation.

Be sure to bookmark the page and stay in touch with everything we have going on in the CKN Nation!

And stay tuned for more exciting updates to the website!

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