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Introducing the APKLQ: Karting for Eastern Quebec

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Introducing the APKLQ: Karting for Eastern Quebec

There are plenty of changes happening to the karting programs in the province of Quebec. Recently we have seen the resurgence of the Coupe du Montreal and now we have the formation of the Association des Pilots Karting Loisir au Québec (APKLQ) for those in Eastern Quebec. The APKLQ is focused on rebuilding the foundation of the sport and growing the numbers in the sport on the local levels across the region.

Formed between industry professionals from SH Karting, KCR Karting, PSL Karting, SC Performance, Karting Quebec and Karting Thetford Mines, the program will host 5 races along with opportunities throughout the summer to teach the fundamentals of the sport to newcomers and rookies alike.

Below is their initial announcement. You can read the official PDF statement here.

For more information, join the Facebook group or contact Mario Dufour at 819-383-3380 or


The APKLQ announces the integration of Eastern Quebec championship in its activities and positions itself at the forefront of the development of karting in Quebec.

With its mission of leisure karting drivers at the center of its priorities with an event has focused on the development, the Association of Quebec Leisure karting drivers innovates with the collaboration of Quebec Karting and track owners. They give you all the key events in a format including a championship hands for leisure categories. We also include amateur and elite categories.


Were present (from left to right): Sacha Gagnon (Sh), Luc Lussier (SH) Alexandre Louet (KCR), Dominique Labrecque (PSL), Robert Foteas (KQ), Mario Dufour (APKLQ), Roland Voyer (APKLQ), Stéphane Couturier (SCP). Were absent from the picture: Claude Frédérique (APKLQ), Richard Bryan (APKLQ) and Patrick Bellemare Karting TR.

Thus, according to the number of registered and experience in the evolutionary cycle of each pilot, the categories can be modulated accordingly.

Briggs & Stratton Mini
Briggs & Stratton Junior
Briggs & Stratton Master

Briggs & Stratton Rental
Rotax Max Jr Recreation
Rotax Max Recreation
Rotax Max DD2 & DD2 Masters

F125 ROK Shifter

For us it is a new beginning for the sport by putting the interests of drivers and fans at the center of our organization. We are volunteers who practice this wonderful hobby with passion. We have no profit center and our only interest is to grow by doing karting discover more concretely. The more experienced pilots and elites will also find their place and they will be able to develop there steering art in a safe and friendly competitive environment. They will become in some sort of role model or the goal. Their shared experience to as many people will be key because karting is also the assistance and knowledge sharing. These elite drivers will be able to put forward the leadership that we recognize them immediately.

Thus, accompanied championship regulation will have five races one evening. Confirmed tracks are participating SC Performance in Saint-Celestin, KCR Karting in Quebec and at SH Karting in Saint-Hilaire. We are in discussions with other track owners to assess the possibility of offering our tour karting leisure series including our championship qualified to emerging markets to mature.

So from now on, it will go fast!

Regulations, tire choices and other issues related to the organization will be communicated soon.

Then all your calendars!

Our season starts on April 24 with an open day at the karting track of Pointe-du-Lac. This will be the KartFest! It is the festival of those who practice this sport and this day will provide an opportunity to test kart categories, weigh our karts and add weight to the need to attend demonstrations and product presentations, lectures, ride, share, make themselves known, smile and live our full passion!

The dates of our activities are:

Date Event Location
April 24 KARTFEST Point du Lac
May 15 Race #1 SH Karting
June 19 Race #2 KCR Karting
July 10 Race #3 SC Performance
August 20 Race #4 SH Karting
September 11 Championship Finale SC Performance

For more information, join the Facebook group or contact Mario Dufour at 819-383-3380 or

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