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Ing, Goldie and Demaras Score Briggs Wins in Final Lap Thrillers


Ing, Goldie and Demaras Score Briggs Wins in Final Lap Thrillers

The final lap is all that truly matters in a race and in three categories over the weekend at the opening round of the KartStars Canada Championship, it all came down to the final corners of the final laps to determine a race winner.

In KartStars Junior on Saturday, the race winner looked to one of Michael Schwab (Intrepid Kart) or Ethan Pollack (Intrepid Kart) as the two controlled the race and ran 1-2 for every single lap.

But on the final lap, Pollack made his move for the lead in corner nine when the leader Schwab left the door wide open. Pollack, along with a number of others were able to get by as Schwab was stuck on the outside with almost no momentum.

But the race wasn’t done there as Gavin Goldie (Intrepid Kart) got a great run out of the corner and pulled up alongside Pollack in the race to the finish line. With momentum on his side, Goldie made it to the finish line a mere 0.0.73 seconds ahead of Pollack, who just narrowly missed out on his first victory.

Braedon Fowler (Intrepid Kart), Joey Lecce (Intrepid Kart) and Luka Jakimovski (Intrepid Kart) were also able to get by Schwab on that final race to the finish line to round out the top-five, however Lecce had a push-back bumper penalty that sent him back to seventh and promoted Schwab back into the top-five.

KartStars Canada Round 1 KartStars Junior Final Results

  1. Gavin Goldie
  2. Ethan Pollack
  3. Braedon Fowler
  4. Luka Jakimovski
  5. Michael Schwab
  6. Elijah Joshi
  7. Joey Lecce *fl
  8. Sam David
  9. Natalie Parker-Lajoie
  10. Nathan Dupuis
  11. Talon Clarke
  12. Shae Clarke
  13. Ivana Tchiplakova
  14. Max Franceschelli
  15. Jacob Parker
  16. Tyler Desrosiers
  17. Leo Luca Di Carlo
  18. Sebastian Matthews
  19. Hunter Patterson

Sunday’s race in Briggs Junior was another showdown and once again the trio from ProSound Racing were in mix.

From the pole-position, Fowler was the early race leader with Goldie, Pollack, Schwab and Michael Ing (Awesome Kart) in the mix.

Ing was a young man on a mission. First, he slipped by Schwab, then passed Pollack on lap five. The next lap he got by Goldie and had his sights on the race leader.

He chose not to wait until the last lap and instead went to lead in corner one on lap eight, relegating Fowler back to fourth in the process.

With Pollack looking everywhere for a place to pass, Ing kept cool and managed the lead perfectly, holding on for the final laps to secure the race win.

Pollack added his third podium of the weekend with the runner-up result, while Fowler worked his way by Goldie to get onto the podium in third.

Schwab also got by Goldie on the final lap to score fourth from Saturday’s winner.

KartStars Canada Round 1 Briggs Junior Final Results

  1. Michael Ing
  2. Ethan Pollack *fl
  3. Braedon Fowler
  4. Michael Schwab
  5. Gavin Goldie
  6. Sam David
  7. Tyler Desrosiers
  8. Christian Savaglio
  9. Ivana Tchiplakova
  10. Natalie Parker-Lajoie
  11. Frankie Savaglio
  12. Max Franceschelli
  13. Shae Clarke (DNF)

In Briggs Masters competition it was a two-kart breakaway in the Final as Eli Yanko (TonyKart) and Steven MacVoy (Ricciardo Kart) built up an early lead and cruised until the late stages of the race.

With two laps to, MacVoy slipped up the inside in corner one. Contact between the two sent Yanko wide and into the run-off, falling back to fourth while MacVoy remained in second as Daniel Demaras (Intrepid Kart) slid up the inside of both.

MacVoy put the pressure on Demaras as the final lap began but Ben Morgan (Ricciardo Kart) was also in the mix. When MacVoy pulled wide to get a better run in corner five, Morgan pounced at the opportunity and gained the position.

Demaras just had to hold on for the final few corners and he did so, even as Morgan made a strong run up the hill before the finish line, crossing only 0.065 seconds adrift of the winner.

Settling for third was MacVoy, while Yanko and Levon Beaudin (BirelART) were fourth and fifth.

KartStars Canada Round 1 Briggs Masters Final Results

  1. Daniel Demaras
  2. Ben Morgan
  3. Steven MacVoy
  4. Eli Yanko
  5. Levon Beaudin
  6. Steven Chan *fl
  7. Bruno Polo
  8. Tony Cossetti
  9. Matt Cameron
  10. Andrew Grinyer
  11. Chris Lemme
  12. Peter Courteau
  13. Pier Paolo Petrucci
  14. Sam Demarco

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