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How to Order OUR CDN Karting Championships Photo Package


How to Order OUR CDN Karting Championships Photo Package

CKN Nation and karters across the country, we’re always here for you. We have been for the past 13 years and we seriously love the sport of karting, no matter how frustrating it can be some days.

This weekend we will be at the 2023 Motomaster Canadian Karting Championships at the Hamilton Karting Complex and as always, our photography services will be available to everyone, and we want everyone to take home something from the event.

So, we’ve decided to drop our price for this event as we want everyone to have access to our photos.

Typically our photo package is $150.00 for a weekend and that includes a 13×19 photo print delivered to you by the end of the race weekend along with a large selection of digital images delivered post-race.

This weekend, and this weekend only, we are going to offer this special package for $100.00. But, you need to place your order or request before end of day Friday, August 18. If you are competing in two classes, an extra $50.00 will get you a second photo print and all the digitals from that class too.

It’s going to be a very busy weekend with at least 14 classes competing, so we need to be prepared and capture as many photos of you as possible. That is why we ask you to place your order early. Payment can be made at the track when we deliver your photo print, but we just need a little heads-up. So send us an email,, a DM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) or Threads. Or, when you see me, Cody, at the track Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, just let me know.

So what are you waiting for? Order your weekend photo package from CKN and support someone who has been here the whole time. #BecauseKarting

Click here for our order form.

If you are interested in only getting a 13×19 photo print, that option is available too. Prints are only $50.00 each and we will be photographing every driver. Just let us know if you only want a print. :)

Thank you and good luck this weekend at Hamilton!

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