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Hometown Victory for Papp Extends Winning Streak


Hometown Victory for Papp Extends Winning Streak

Nearly two months into the 2021 racing season and Christian Papp still hasn’t lost a race in Briggs Cadet.

Taking to his home track in Leamington this past weekend, Papp extended his winning streak at the second round of the KartStars Canada Championship by navigating his way through the excitement to notch another race win.

He had to wait an extra summer to race his peers from across the region at Point Pelee Karting after last year’s KartStars event in Leamington was moved at the last minute due to the pandemic.

With twenty Briggs Cadet racers taking to the track on Sunday, it was a little chaotic on track with a mixture of experience levels on display.

In the Final, Papp (Intrepid) worked his way through the opening laps well to get into the lead and open up an advantage. Quinn Tyers (Intrepid) and Athan Smadenkas came together in the hairpin to end their races early after starting inside the top-five.

When he and the other leaders came up on lap traffic, he navigated through them perfectly to extend his race lead, never turning a wheel wrong and crossing the finish line three seconds ahead.

Behind, there was an exciting battle for second between two Mini Rok racers who converted their karts to compete in Briggs Cadet for the first time this season.

Decklan Deonarine (TonyKart) and Justin DiLucia (Exprit) went back and forth for the second position all race long. On the final lap, Deonarine chose the better route around a lap kart to gain an advantage and sneak through to finish second, with Di Lucia an impressive third overall and topping the Mini Briggs competitors.

Ethan Chan (Intrepid) and Hudson Urlin (Intrepid) waged an exciting battle for fourth with Chan getting the upper hand at the finish line, while Urlin wound up second of the Mini Briggs drivers.

KartStars Canada Point Pelee Briggs Cadet Final Results

1Christian Papp
2Decklan Deonarine3.031
3Justin Di Lucia*3.272
4Ethan Chan4.534
5Hudson Urlin*4.987
6Cole Morgan8.849
7Rocco Simone*9.469
8Ethan Tyers*9.632
9Niko Picerno20.108
10Ben Lawrence20.205
11Adam Saldanha20.439
12Shaun Evans24.158
13Ryan Morgan*26.944
14Patrick St. Pierre*27.947
15Dominic Artale*1 lap
16Sebastian Mazza2 laps
17Brooklyn Stehle2 laps
18Aiden Kishun3 laps
19Quinn Tyers14 laps
20Athan Smadenkas*14 laps

*Mini Briggs competitor

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