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Greco Poised for Rok Cup Super Final with New Team

Greco will team up with Joshua Conquer to represent Canada in Italy. (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

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Greco Poised for Rok Cup Super Final with New Team

It’s been quite the season for Davide Greco as the driver from Toronto, Ontario has racked up a solid number of frequent flyer miles competing in events across North America and even on the other side of the Atlantic. All of it was to secure tickets to the world’s biggest single-make engine races of the year and this week is the first of two.

Greco is poised to make his debut at the Rok Cup Super Final with Exprit Kart after many seasons with BirelART. The competitive shifter driver finished P2 at the ASN Canadian Karting Championships at Mosport to score an entry to the biggest festival of Rokkers in the world, as well over 400 drivers will compete at South Garda Karting.

Arriving at the circuit on Sunday evening to catch the end of the Trofeo D’Autunno, a tune-up race for Rokkers, Greco was all smiles as the anticipation built. He spent Monday at the circuit, preparing his Exprit Kart, with the support of Marco Di Leo. Tuesday, he will finally hit the track of unofficial practice.

The event officially kicks off Wednesday with organized practice leading up to Thursday’s important Qualifying sessions. With only a couple days on track before the most important session of the week, Greco knows he needs to absorb everything he can in the track time he’s got.

He will have 71 other Rok Shifter drivers to contend with in Lonato, with many different manufacturers supporting the division. It will be the most diverse group of racers Greco has ever competed against and he’s up for the challenge. After the season he’s been through, he’s ready to give it his all and go for it.

A new team association and chassis means new opportunities.

After we first heard the news about him joining the Goodwood Kartways team, we tracked down Greco for our final CKN Chatter leading up to the Rok Cup Super Final, to ask him about the big change, the big events and what he is going to do in Italy between the two races.

After many years with BirelART, you have switched to Exprit with the support of Goodwood Kartways. How did this come about and what excites you about the new opportunity?

First and foremost, I would like to thank PSL Karting for their support during my time with the team. Karting, like any other sport, gives drivers the opportunity to seek different teams and karts depending on what the driver is seeking. My decision to switch to Exprit was based on changing the status quo. My karting experience began at Goodwood Kartways with their ‘Arrive and Drive’ program, and they opened my eyes to the world of Karting. My first kart was an Intrepid, and I always loved to race with it at the Goodwood Kartways race track. When the opportunity to switch to Exprit presented itself, I was happy to embrace the change. I look forward to driving the Exprit in upcoming racing events and working with Goodwood Kartways in this journey.

You’ve competed at the International levels before, what have you learned there that you will carry with you to the Rok Cup Final?

Having competed in three International events thus far, two Rotax Grand Finals (Portugal 2017, Brazil 2018), and the Lemans International Trophy this summer, I’ve learned that you can’t let your guard down, and you can’t take anything for granted. My approach is to race to the best of my ability and survive the heats. If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout my racing career is that you need speed, precision, and luck!

Looking at the entry list, Rok Shifter has capped out at 72 entries. Have you set an expectation for yourself this time around?

There is no doubt in my mind that it will be a tough race given the number of entries, not to mention the many talented drivers from around the world. When competing in races, I focus on four aspects – character, heart, will, but most of all, the mindset of a champion. I want to bring my A-game at each and every race like I’ve been doing all year long.

After the Rok Cup SuperFinal, you will stay in Italy to compete in the Rotax Grand Finals. Were these two events your main targets all season long? Do you have any plans for the in-between time?

These two events were my main targets all season long. There is something to be said about representing your country, Team Canada, amongst all the other talented drivers from over 62 countries. These events bring out the extra adrenaline within, given that the field is filled with so much talent and expertise. Having participated in these grand events has definitely made me a better driver.

During the one-week downtime between events, I look forward to going to visit my grandmother and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins who live in southern Italy. My relatives have never seen me race, so it will be a treat to have my own cheering team come up to Sarno for the Rotax Grand Finals.

Finally, is there anyone you need to thank for their support of you to compete in this special event?

I would like to thank Goodwood Kartways, particularly Marco and Dan DiLeo, for having the confidence in me as a driver and for allowing me the opportunity to drive the Exprit in this special event. I’ve known the Di Leo’s from when I was 8 years old, and it is always good to go ‘home’, where I first started. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Dad, the best mechanic in the world, for his support, guidance, and yes, his over-extended credit cards! A shout out to my fantastic mother and brothers, who are always there by my side!

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