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Greco Joins Goodwood Kartways and Exprit Kart Just in Time for Rok Cup SuperFinal

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Greco Joins Goodwood Kartways and Exprit Kart Just in Time for Rok Cup SuperFinal

On the heels of the biggest race of the years for Rok Cup racers, Davide Greco has announced that he has joined the Goodwood Kartways race team and will compete with them aboard an Exprit Kart at the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy and beyond.

One of the most active drivers this season, Greco has competed in a number of events in 2019 with PSL Karting and BirelART, winning plenty of awards along the way. Now his intentions have shifted to the OTK Exprit product with Goodwood Kartways support, bringing him back to where his karting dreams all started.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank PSL Karting for their support during my time with the team, explained Greco when reached by CKN. “My karting experience began at Goodwood Kartways with their ‘Arrive and Drive’ program, and they opened my eyes to the world of karting. My first kart was an Intrepid, and I always loved to race with it at Goodwood. When the opportunity to switch to Exprit presented itself, I was happy to embrace the change. I look forward to driving the Exprit in upcoming racing events and working with Goodwood Kartways in this journey.”

“Karting, like any other sport, gives drivers the opportunity to seek different teams and karts depending on what the driver is seeking. My decision to switch to Exprit was based on changing the status quo.”

Greco has an action-packed month of October ahead of him as he will compete in both the Rok Cup SuperFinal and Rotax Grand Finals, conveniently both in Italy, followed by Rok the Rio in Las Vegas.

First, will be a trip to South Garda Karting, where Greco will make his debut on the Exprit Kart, under the guidance of Marco Di Leo. It will be Greco’s first time at the annual gathering of the Rokkers, getting the chance to compete against 71 other Rok Shifter drivers from around the globe.

Wrapping up the busy month will be Rok the Rio, where Greco will make his official debut with the Goodwood Kartways team. The temporary circuit for the race is set up in the parking lot of the RIO Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

For Di Leo, the addition of Greco is a big boost to the Goodwood Kartways team as they prepare for the winter travel races.

“It’s great to have Davide join back with Goodwood Kartways full circle. I remember him early in his career out of the arrive and drive and today he one of the most experienced shifter drivers in the country.”

“We look forward to helping Davide win his first Canadian Championship and see value in having him mentor and develop our next generation of up and coming young drivers who are starting their respective careers at Goodwood Kartways.”

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