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Great Drives in Briggs Junior Lite at Hamilton


Great Drives in Briggs Junior Lite at Hamilton

We saw some exciting battles in Briggs Junior Lite this past weekend during the opening round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at the Canadian Mini Indy.

Wedged in between Rok Junior and Senior in the schedule, these young Junior Lite drivers put on just as good of a show as their faster compatriots.

On Saturday we saw a brilliant drive from Sebastian Day (CL Kart).

He was lights out in the 20-lap Final, posting the fastest lap of the race and holding off any challenges he was given from Ethan Sikma (CL Kart). Unfortunately for Sikma, he was accessed a one-position penalty for jumping the start and was relegated to third place after crossing a half-second back of Day at the finish line.

Joey Lecce (Intrepid Kart) was the benefactor of the penalty to Sikma, moving up to second on the podium at the end of the day.

1Sebastian Day
2Joey Lecce5.810
3Ethan Sikma0.576
4Brandon Large11.635
5Callum Moore23.807
6Muskaan Sattaur30.205
7Antonio Martella16 laps
8Grayson MacDonaldDQ

Returning on Sunday, it was Lecce’s day to shine.

He led nearly every lap of the final while under pressure from Sikma and Brandon Large (BirelART), who did everything they could to gain the lead, but Lecce always returned the pass.

In a race to the finish line, Lecce won by 0.099 seconds over Large, with Sikma only 0.205 further adrift. Day could only manage fourth on Sunday, while Antonio Martella (CL Kart) was fifth.

1Joey Lecce
2Brandon Large0.099
3Ethan Sikma0.205
4Sebastian Day3.390
5Antonio Martella4.077
6Grayson MacDonald4.591
7Callum Moore10.861
8Muskaan Sattaur12.681

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