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Goodwood Kartways Undegoes second repaving in 2012

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Goodwood Kartways Undegoes second repaving in 2012

By: CanadianKartingNews | Photos courtesy Goodwood Kartways

In early 2012, Goodwood Kartways announced it’s beautifully aged circuit was getting a much needed fresh coat of asphalt. The news was very welcome in the Canadian karting industry, and with the first round of the 2012 Eastern Canadian Karting Championship taking place at Goodwood in late May, everyone was excited to get on track and take in the fresh paving.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well as the surface did not hold up as expected, and emergency measures were needed right before the ECKC race. Following a completed race season, Goodwood Kartways track owners took action, and with their partners, completed their second repaving of the year. The track has now closed for the season, allowing plenty of time for the new surface to cure, and will welcome racers in early Spring.

CKN was able to track down Daniel Di Leo of Goodwood Kartways, to get an update.

From day one of this project our partners have stood by their original intentions, that being to re-surface Canada’s most historic kart track, creating a racing surface that is currently unparalleled in Ontario. Shortly after the initial attempt in early May we noticed some degradation which isn’t uncommon when dealing with re-paving race tracks. After an in-depth analysis and a series of meetings between the powers to be, the only solution keeping in mind the original intentions of the project was to remove and replace the material. On October 14th we closed the track for the season, four long days later the project is complete and we once again have the table smooth finished we desired. The track will now have ample time to cure as racing won’t commence until the season comes around in 2013. I can’t thank the efforts of everyone involved enough. It was devastating watching the first attempt fail, but everyone stepped up to find a solution. This says a lot about the character of everyone involved. Without the on-going support from Sofina Foods, Delavaco Corp, Con Drain, and ASN Canada this would not have been possible. We now look forward to start of the new season!

The new surface at Goodwood (Photo Courtesy of Goodwood Kartways)

Removal of Asphalt (Photo Courtesy of Goodwood Kartways)

Goodwood ready for the new asphalt (Photo Courtesy of Goodwood Kartways)

The new surface at Goodwood (Photo Courtesy of Goodwood Kartways)

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