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Goodwood Kartways Extends Vortex Distribution and Support Contract through 2024!


Goodwood Kartways Extends Vortex Distribution and Support Contract through 2024!

The team at Goodwood Kartways is happy to announce today that it has extended its Vortex Distribution and Support contract with OTK s.r.l., Italy, through 2024, and that Vortex will remain the only two-stroke engine platform competing in the nation’s largest series – the one orchestrated annually by KartStars Canada.

“It certainly is gratifying to see the success and growth of the Vortex Engine Program in Canada since we introduced it on a larger scale in 2018,” said Vortex Canada Director Marco Di Leo. “We undertook the responsibility of introducing a new engine platform in an effort to revive two-cycle grids across the country, and it became a very successful effort through substantial investment and dedication to a vision. We’re now happy to continue our partnership with OTK going forward, and we will naturally continue to support the loyal Vortex dealer network we have developed across the country.”

One aspect of the new agreement that has the team quite excited, is that it will now be able to follow the trend developing across North America and adopt the VLR 100cc engine as the sole two-stroke option in the Junior category in KartStars competition. After a full year of hands-on experience using the VLR engine in the Masters category and watching the program succeed, there is every reason to believe the same will hold true in Junior. The VLR 100cc engine is very driver-friendly, and it introduces a reliable, cost-effective platform with engines that cost less to buy, cost less to maintain, and create a very level playing field while offering a much more natural progression from Mini Rok.

As organizers of the KartStars program, the team at Goodwood is certainly excited about the direction of its Vortex platform. Heading into its third full campaign, the group is planning its best season yet as it continues to unite karters from all areas of the province and beyond. The re-birth of Rok Jr with VLR power has led many drivers from Mini Rok and Briggs to commit early to the new format, spurred on further by a qualified trade-in program and special introductory pricing which has been made available. At the other end of the age spectrum, a dedicated group of 20+ VLR Masters drivers have already committed to the season ahead as well.

“As is always the case with our approach, we internally discussed the vision we have for the programs we run out of Goodwood Kartways and continuing with Vortex two-stroke engines was a simple decision,” said Goodwood Kartways’ President Daniel Di Leo. “We have seen the support grow for the package year on year, to the point where the two-stroke market in Ontario has re-developed to produce some of the largest participation levels we’ve seen. Despite the world continuing in very challenging times, this is an exciting time for us, to be sure.”

“We will continue to grow our grids with equal focus from club level participation to National KartStars events, and our focus remains the same – to provide an appropriate technical rule set, fair and unprejudiced officiating, a consistent and affordable spec tire and affordable entry fees,” Di Leo continued. “Canadian Rokkers will continue to enjoy a fun and inclusive atmosphere while developing as drivers and fighting for podium positions and the opportunity to showcase their talents at the annual Rok Cup Superfinal in Italy.”

Complete details on all KartStars Canada and Goodwood Kartways programming will be made available through the winter and into the new year. 

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