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Goodwood Kartways Announces Return of Club Racing!

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Goodwood Kartways Announces Return of Club Racing!

More good news this week for karters looking to get back to competition. Goodwood Kartways and the Toronto Racing Association of Karting (TRAK) have announced they are returning to racing!

In an email sent out to their membership this morning, plans are set for their annual TRAK Spring Training to take place on June 13, followed by race 1 and race 2 on June 20 and June 27.

Goodwood Kartways has been adjusting their strategy since the track was allowed to open for practice, and strict guidelines will be in place to control the environment and to help slow the spread of COVID 19.

Below is the official announcement from Goodwood Kartways.

After beginning the week by announcing the return of the Canadian Rookie Karting Championship Arrive-and-Drive Program set to resume, the staff at Goodwood Kartways is ending the week by announcing the Toronto Racing Association of Karters Club Racing program will be back on track beginning Saturday, June 13th!

The first outing for the club program will be its traditional Spring Training Day, open to all registered club members and mandatory for rookies going through orientation – of specific importance this year. The move represents Step 4 in Goodwood’s Return to Racing Plan, and TRAK members will quickly make up for lost time with four events in five weeks. Following Spring Training, Races 1 and 2 will close the month of June on Saturday, June 20th and Saturday, June 27th, before Race 3 goes off July 11th. Provincial events have also been tentatively scheduled, but will act as place holders for the time being.

As they have since resumed operations, staff will continue to operate the facility within a very controlled environment, with safety remaining the number one priority. They have continued to refine protocols and procedures at the track based on day-to-day experiences, and Step 4 is based on knowledge gained since track action returned in the middle of May.

A link to an updated schedule can be found below, and staff once again ask that racers become familiar with all documents relating to visiting the track prior to setting out. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit or email

2020 Revised TRAK Club Racing Schedule:

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