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Goodwood Kartways Announces ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ Endurance Race!

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Goodwood Kartways Announces ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ Endurance Race!

For the Ontario Karting Community, the month of October has always been a popular time for end of the year type Enduro Racing. In recent years, TRAK and MIKA have rotated between Goodwood and Mosport creating a very popular 3 Hour Enduro Race which is opened to ALL Briggs and Stratton classes, which is scheduled for October 20.

Endurance Racing isn’t exactly the norm when it comes to kart racing in Canada. Intense 10-20 lap sprint races is what kart racers in this part of the world are used to. We set up our karts and demand the absolute most out of the equipment for short sprints which are filled with excitement. As the norm, this perhaps will never change. But why not try something different?

Looking to create an event that is outside of the box so to speak, Goodwood Kartways is excited to announce the ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ Endurance Race presented by Organizer Daniel DiLeo has seen the success of similar events around the world and is enthusiastic for a true endurance karting race to happen here in Canada.

“I’ve been thinking about this idea for a few years now and after seeing races like the 24 Hours at Le Mans, in which Canadian Marco Signoretti raced last year, I really wanted to make it happen here in Canada. I’m really excited that we have new karts, new engines and new tires to use and that everyone will start with a level playing field in regards to equipment. It will be a true challenge, whether you are a seasoned professional or an arrive and drive racer, because pure speed won’t necessarily win this race.”

If that isn’t exciting enough here are a few more unique details:

  • Brand NEW Intrepid RaceLine karts fitted with NEW Engines and Tires are provided.
  • The event will be capped at 18 teams.
  • Teams will be made up of 4-8 drivers per team.
  • Two classes which follow an identical rules package will be racing simultaneously.
    • PRO Division – ASN Affiliated Club License Holders
    • SEMI-PRO Division – Arrive and Drive License holders and visitors
  • Based on entries; CASH Prizes for both divisions will be announced.
  • Everything is provided. Including but not limited to:
    • NEW Racing Kart with adjustable seat.
    • NEW Vega Tires used over the two-day event.
    • 10ft x 20ft Sheltered and Lit paddock space per team.
    • Kart Trolley, workbench, fuel, weight ballast etc.
    • Training and approved Racing Equipment available for those in need.
  • Simply show up with your gear and your team!

The event will be spread out over two days, Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28 with all action taking place at Goodwood Kartways. Saturday will consist of the kart raffle, break-in session, practice, qualifying and an in-depth pre-race drivers meeting. Sunday will include Opening Ceremonies, the 10 Hours Endurance Race and the podium presentation.

Cody Schindel of is helping organize the race and echoed a similar statement as DiLeo.

“This event has the potential to an annual challenge for drivers and teams, regardless of where or what they race. The new karts should be really attractive to all racers and I can’t wait to see the entry list. This challenge of both mental and physical strength will be the showcase. The 45-minute stints sound short on paper, but after five hours of racing, I think the drivers will really be pushed to their limits to complete their stints and then get to the finish.”

With a Rules Package in place, the basic concept is that teams will follow a strict ‘karts must maintain original set-up’ at all time. Rules on team weight, fueling procedures, driver change process, inspection and on-track officiating will be provided to all participants within the Official Registration Package.

For more information on the ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ including information on how to enter please email Below is the preliminary schedule.

10 Hours of Goodwood Saturday Practice Schedule (Saturday, October 27, 2018)

• 9:00 am – Gates Open / Driver Check-in
• 9:30 am – Driver Briefing
• 9:45 am – Kart Raffle
• 10:15 am – Pit Assignments
• 10:30 – 11:30 am – Pit / Kart Preparation
• 11:30 – 12:00 pm – Official Weigh-in and Ballasting
• 12:00 – 12:30 pm – Kart Break-in / Shakedown
• 12:30 – 1:00 pm – Lunch
• 1:00 – 2:00 pm – Mandatory Practice
• 2:00 – 2:30 pm – Kart Prep for Qualification
• 2:30 – 3:00 pm – Qualifying (2 groups x 15 minutes)
• 3:00 pm – Kart Inspection / End of on Track Activities
• 3:30 pm – Mandatory Drivers Briefing for Race Procedures

10 Hours of Goodwood Sunday Race Schedule (Sunday, October 28, 2018)

• 8:00 am – Gates Open
• 8:15 am – Drivers Briefing
• 8:30 am – Opening Ceremonies
• 9:00 am – Race Start
• 7:00 pm – Race Finish
• 7:15 pm – Podium Presentation / Awards

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