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Gerald Caseley Organizing a Pair of Briggs-Only Races in 2022

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Gerald Caseley Organizing a Pair of Briggs-Only Races in 2022

Great news for Briggs 206 racers!

The East Coast’s Gerald Caseley has revealed to CKN that he is busy planning to host two Briggs-only showcase events in 2022 in Ontario and Quebec.

Plans are in place with two tracks and the invitation is open to all racers who want to bolt on a Briggs 206 engine and come have some fun.

The events will be spread over two days and a focus will be on providing plenty of track time for everyone.

Caseley acknowledges that with more and more classes hitting the track each race weekend at our bigger events, track time can become a bit of a challenge and building a plan around fewer classes will give racers more than enough race sessions over a weekend and plenty of chances to race with their competitors.

“I really want the racers to be on track multiple times during the day, not just two or three short sessions. Some of us drive pretty far for these events and we want it to be worth it for everyone.

Prize confirmations are still in the works, but Caseley intends to award the overall class winners with entries to compete in the USA at a major Briggs event. In addition, Caseley is currently accumulating prizes that all racers will find useful at the track, or at their home.

Caseley continued, “I want to host the best of the best Briggs racers in Canada, regardless of chassis, track or team affiliation, with the full focus being on them. It is the best racing on the track and it’s about time our racers are rewarded for it.”

The dates for the two events have been pencilled in with the Quebec race on June 25-26 and the Ontario race on July 24-25. The locations for the races will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

“I’m getting the information out early so everyone is aware and hopefully we have no major schedule conflicts. I really want every racer, and even some of the tuners to consider competing in these two races. They are going to be a lot of fun. I have a ton of prizes to give away and it’s going to be a blast. And my ultimate goal is to have everyone end the event already looking forward to coming back next year.”

It looks like we have the first two events on our 2022 CKN Summer Tour schedule and we hope to see you there too!

More information about the events will come soon, but those looking to get involved should contact Gerald by email at

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